Mountain goats take over Welsh streets during coronavirus lockdown

This has goat out of hand!

Herds of wild goats have taken over a north Wales town now that the streets are theirs for the taking amid the coronavirus lockdowns, according to a report.

Video shows the mountain goats flocking over the weekend to the empty roads of Llandudno, where they’ve been grazing on hedges and gardens.

They are known as the Great Orme Kashmiri goats and usually reside on a nearby hill that overlooks the town, CNN reported.

“The goats live on the hill overlooking the town. They stay up there, very rarely venturing into the street,” resident Carl Triggs told the outlet.

North Wales police said the agency received a call Saturday about the goats, but didn’t need to intervene.

“We are not aware of officers attending to them as they usually make their own way back,” police told the outlet.

The goat takeover comes after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on UK residents to stay home last week to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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