Mum ‘killed baby daughter after rubbing heroin into her gums to make her sleep’ – The Sun

A BABY girl died after her mum rubbed heroin into her gums in a bid to get her to sleep, reports claim.

Kimberly Nelligan was arrested after one-year-old Jordy was found dead in her home in Bangor, Maine, in October last year.

The 33-year-old is accused of using drugs to put the infant to sleep at least 15 times before she passed away, according Metro.

Court papers reportedly state that the coroner determined Jordy had synthetic opioid fentanyl in her system.


The drug is a painkiller that is often mixed with heroin.

Nelligan is also set to face a charge of being in possession of a Schedule Z drug – a Class E offense.

The mum allegedly confessed to using heroin at least once a week when her daughter died.

Claims that she had rubbed the drugs into her daughter's gums came when the baby's dad told police he had witnessed it.

He said that she said she had always done it to get her older children to sleep and "didn’t hurt our daughter on purpose."

Despite the shocking allegations, Nelligan reportedly took to Facebook to post images of drugs in June this year.

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She uploaded the pictures along with the caption 'yay buddy'.

She later slammed Ohio cheerleader Skylar Richardson, 20, who was convicted of burying her baby daughter’s corpse last week.

She said: "Kills me I would do anything to have my baby back stupid bitch she is."

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