Mum slams 'sexist' school as daughter is forced to wear a skirt while son wears winter trousers

A MUM has slammed her children's "sexist" school which forces girls to wear skirts while boys can wear winter trousers.

Hazel Warhurst, 44, was told her six-year-old daughter was not allowed to wear trousers at Ysgol Caergeiliog school in Anglesey, North Wales.

The little girl must wear a skirt or pinafore dress while her eight-year-old brother can stay warm in his full-length winter trousers.

Frustrated Hazel says it's "sexist" for girls to be left cold in skirts and pinafores while having their uniforms lifted in the playground.

The mum has also started a petition to abolish "gender stereotypes" – attracting the support of over 190 parents.

Hazel said: "The idea that girls should wear skirts only is based on an outdated and sexist concept which we believe deprives our daughters of the right to be warm, dry and comfortable, and to play with freedom and safety.

"My son goes to school and he is protected and comfortable. My daughter gets her skirt lifted in the playground, and her legs are red as they're so cold.

"It shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. Gender stereotypes need to be abolished.

"Young girls should not be told what they can and can’t wear or be forced to wear something they aren’t comfortable in."

Hazel, of Holyhead, believes schoolgirls should be given a choice in what uniform they wear.

She said: "I and other parents have a group chat and decided to start the petition because it’s not right.

"It makes you wonder what other sexist treatments our daughters are facing."

The mum added that staggered start and end times at the 390-pupil school leave girls with bare legs or tights standing in the cold for up to 20 minutes at times.

The school's dress code states that girls should only wear a skirt or pinafore dress and boys must wear trousers.

The school says it "strives daily to ensure that each child entrusted to its care is given the highest possible standard of education and one that will facilitate the best possible start in life".

"This involves the development of the whole child and is a process based on the philosophy of ‘the child is father of the man’ and one which sensitively prepares each pupil to face the challenge of taking on his or her responsibilities as tomorrow’s citizen."

The Sun Online has approached the school for comment.

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