Mum warns parents about crib safety after six-month-old baby slips down gap

A MUM has warned other parents about the safety of baby cribs after her six-month-old daughter slipped out of one.

Leanne Cregg, 35, says she panicked when she woke in the middle of the night and little Freya had slipped down a gap between the crib and her parent's bed.

Freya was fine and Leanne's partner Gareth Hunt, 37, was able to get her out immediately.

But the Burnley mum-of-three wants to warn other crib owners about the product.

She says she could easily have lost her baby due to a design flaw in the Baby Elegance Bedside Travel Cot, which offers parents the option to attach the crib to a bed using a safety strap.

The couple had bought the cot for their third child Freya and put it against their bed.

They were asleep in their bed in the early hours on Monday when Gareth suddenly awoke.

He leaned over to check on his daughter but couldn't find her.

"I woke up because Gareth was rummaging through the covers,” she told Lancs Live.

"I asked him what was wrong and he asked where Freya was, I told him she was in the cot but he said she wasn't.

"I leaned over and I couldn't see her either. It was quite surreal, she was in her cot when I went to sleep. It was just pure panic, you can't quite put into words how you feel."

Thankfully Gareth saw that Freya had managed to drop into a gap which had opened between the crib mattress and the bed.

Leanne is sure the product has a serious design flaw and Freya could have come to serious harm.

"She could have suffocated or been crushed,"

"They really need to have an overhaul and look at the design. They need to make sure there is no loose fabric which the baby can sleep down, it isn't safe."

A spokesperson for the Irish company Baby Elegance said: "The reason it is doing what it is doing is because it is not meant to be used in that way.

"It has built in harness straps that stop the loose fabric on the side of the crib but the crib needs to be snug up against the side of the bed, what the customer is demonstrating isn't possible when it is against the bed.

"Also, the customer does not have the mattress connected to the base with the velcro straps as required in the manual.

“These straps stop the base from lifting as it is shown on the video so this really is not a reflection of how the product works.

"We have full safety reports for the product for Ireland and the UK."

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