Nearly HALF of Democrat voters believe Biden won't serve full four-year term if he's elected president, poll says

NEARLY half of Democratic voters believe that Joe Biden will not service a full four-year term if he is election for president, a new poll has shown.

Only 14 percent believed that it is Not At All Likely that Biden would survive the whole term, according to the Rasmussen survey.

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Out of those surveyed, 39 percent believe it is Very Likely that the presidential hopeful would be taken over by his running mate, but 35 percent believe it's unlikely.

Almost half, 49 percent, of Democrats believe that Biden's VP will take over his post if he were to win the 2020 presidential election.

However, 73 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of voters not tied to one party agreed.

According to the data, the younger the voter the more convinced they are that Biden will not finish a full term.

With regard to who Biden picks as a second-in-command, 45 percent of voters have said his choice is important to who gets their presidential vote, with 23 percent saying it's Very Important.

In general, 76 percent believe that the vice presidential nominee is important to their vote, with 34 percent who think it is Very Important.

Out of the voters who Strongly Disagree of the job that Donald Trump is doing as president, 53 percent said that Biden's choice of running mate is important to their vote.

And just 28 percent of the voters who Strongly Agree with the job Trump is doing agree.

Of the Democratic voters, 60 percent think it is important that Biden picks his running mate to be a woman or person of color.

Biden has previously pledged to pick a woman to serve should he make it to the Oval Office.

Last month Biden refused to reveal his running mate but said four black women are on the shortlist.

The Democrat presidential candidate was speaking on Monday night in an interview with Joy Reid on new MSNBC show The ReidOut and was asked whether he would consider naming a woman of color as the VP.

He said: "I am not committed to naming anyone but the people I've named, among them there are four black women."

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