New Hampshire man who ‘abused his fiancée’s 7-year-old daughter’ and ‘told his mom he was “sick”’ is freed by judge – The Sun

A MAN who allegedly abused his fiancée's 7-year-old daughter and told his mom he was “sick” was freed by a judge.

Russell Debreceni, 31, was arraigned at Hillsborough Superior Court on aggravated felonious sexual assault charges on Tuesday – but the bail outcome has enraged New Hampshire police.

Debreceni was held on preventative detention following his arrest but he's now free on personal recognizance bail, to the "disgust" of Manchester Police Chief Carlo Capano.

He was booked on July 1 after his fiancée allegedly walked in on him molesting her child, reported Boston’s 7 News.

The mom cornered Debrecini, who admitted that he had been inappropriately touching the girl, a sworn affidavit stated.

Before his arrest, Debrecini went to the police station with his own mother before and requested a lawyer.

There, Debrecini's mom reportedly informed investigators that he told her he was "sick” and that “it happened a few times over the last year.”


“It is very concerning that the court would allow Mr. Debreceni to walk free, rather than see him as a danger to the public,” Capano said in a news release.

“This is a horrific crime, yet Mr. Debreceni is out on bail with the potential to offend again.

"This is a perfect example of how the current bail reform system is failing our community. I’m disgusted by this turn of events.”

CrimeOnline reports that Debreceni's alleged victim was taken for a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) examination at the Elliot Hospital.

Doctors there confirmed that a trauma had happened.

On Tuesday, Judge N. William Delker released Debrecini released on personal recognizance bail.

Capano, said the judge sent out the wrong message after his department worked “tirelessly to take dangerous criminals off of our city streets”

Debreceni's next court appearance is scheduled for September 16.

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