New York just went deeper blue — and we’ll all pay the price

Awful news: What seemed like a strong Republican showing in state Senate races has washed away in a sea of mail-in ballots. Democrats have won a veto-proof “supermajority” in the chamber, to go with a similarly dominant hand in the Assembly.

Rob Astorino’s concession Tuesday to Sen. Peter Harckham makes it official.

It wasn’t entirely a Blue Wave: The GOP picked up at least one House seat. But the voters still, wittingly or not, gave the hard left a huge boost in state government.

Indeed, the Senate Democrats’ already-rabid caucus of extremists has been bolstered by six new members backed by the city Democratic Socialists. This also guarantees redistricting that will make it even harder for Republicans to bounce back at the next election.

So, if you like the no-bail law, sky-high taxes and soaring energy costs, you’re in for even more treats. If you don’t . . . well, expect the pandemic-driven exodus of residents who can afford to move out of the state to continue, unless suburban Democrats dig in their heels against the party’s dominant faction.

Gov. Cuomo — who, for all his own posturing, understands that New York’s tax base can only be pushed so far — is now the odd man out in Albany. He’ll need more than an Emmy Award to keep the loonies at bay.

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