North Korea satellite images spark speculation plans for a massive funeral parade for Kim Jong-un are underway – The Sun

NORTH Korea is building large parade structures amid reports that its leader Kim Jong-un has died, satellite imagery shows.

The images published by Planet Labs shows temporary buildings commonly used for military parades being installed in capital Pyongyang sometime after April 18.

There is also reports that the secretive country is in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak meaning a mass military parade would seem unlikely – certainly in the coming weeks.

Dictator Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public since April 11 and now reports from the region claim he has died after a botched heart operation.

There is speculation that the parade could be for the leader's funeral similar to the incredible scenes in 2011 when despot Kim Jong-il died.

The rows of temporary structures, likely used to house soldiers who will take part in the event, have been installed at Pyongyang’s Mirim parade training grounds,

Plans for a military parade in January however that event was scrapped because of the outbreak of coronavirus.

However, despite the reports concerning Kim's health, the parade could be held in October to mark the 75th anniversary of the country's liberation from Japan.

Pictures have also emerged showing Kim lying in state – however it has been revealed that they are fake and are based on images from his dad's funeral.

The despot's poor health has been the subject of speculation for some time, with the portly dictator believed to be a binge eater, heavy drinker and chain smoker allegedly weighing up to 20 stone.

Reports from the US, China, South Korea and Japan speculate the North Korean leader has died or is in a coma after either heart surgery, an injury during a missile test, or having collapsed while walking in the countryside.

However, South Korea has insisted that Kim is "alive and well", while other reports suggest he is isolating because of Covid-19 at his private resort in Wonsan.

Donald Trump has said he believes reports of his death are "incorrect" although one of the US President's advisors has told Fox News that the dictator is likely dead or incapacitated.

It has also been reported by that Kim was spotted last week walking on his own at his resort in Wonsan in the eastern coast of North Korea, a US government official has said.

The source said: “It has been identified that Kim Jong Un had been staying in Wonsan during the entire last week.

“He was seen to be walking on his own between April 15 and 20.”

They continued: “As some of Kim’s aids and high-ranking officials have contracted COVID-19, Kim seems to have left Pyongyang, which has a high population density, as a preventive measure.”

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