Nurse reduced to tears by panic-buyers stripping shelves reveals she’s now ‘floored’ by coronavirus symptoms – The Sun

A NURSE who was reduced to tears by panic-buyers stripping shelves today revealed she is now "floored" by coronavirus symptoms.

Dawn Bilbrough is now self-isolating after she went viral with her tearful plea to Brits to stop stripping shelves amid the virus panic.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain from her York home, the nurse said she was now resting up

She said: "It began with chest discomfort when I do anything – that's making me kind of breathless right now.

"(I have) ongoing nausea, persistent headaches.

"I do believe I have it but I haven't been tested so it's hard to confirm."

The NHS worker said she had been "floored" by the symptoms, surprised as she was a usually fit and healthy person.

She added: "I'm sleeping lots.

"It's lonely but I'll go OK.

"I'm discussing going back to work on Monday, depending on my symptoms."

It comes as a finger prick test for coronavirus is being developed that will be able to tell people if they have already had coronavirus.

MPs yesterday heard the Government is hoping to buy 3.5 million antibody tests and will priorities NHS staff and key workers – like doctors and nurses – to enable people to go back to work.

Dawn said within her own workplace, the staff were keeping each other going amid the panic.

She said: "We keep each other going. We have our moments but we keep each other going."

Opening up about the clip of her crying outside of a supermarket, Dawn explained she had been at the end of her tether after finding empty supermarket shelves.

She explained: "Like everybody in healthcare at the moment, there's a lot of anxiety with what is going to be coming and what is in London.

"There's a lot of anxiety and I just wasn't expecting it.

"I wanted to do some shopping and go home.

"To find when I got to my local supermarket everything stripped from the shelves, I just felt very sad."

Since Dawn's video went viral, a number of supermarkets have set up store times specifically for NHS staff to ensure they are able to get groceries.

Stores have been placed under extreme demand during the coronavirus outbreak as customers empty them of items including cleaning products, pasta and toilet roll.

As a result, some supermarkets are now limiting the amount of each item shoppers can buy to try and make sure everyone has access to their products.

Supermarkets have already announced dedicated hours for elderly customers so they can shop away from crowds. We've rounded up what each store is doing here.

We've rounded up what each store is doing here.

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