Nurse reveals in viral video how easily coronavirus spreads even if you’re wearing gloves – The Sun

A NURSE has demonstrated how quickly coronavirus can spread – even if you’re wearing gloves.

Molly Lixey, who lives in Michigan, racked up more than a million views with her video which has been deemed a “priceless resource”.

In the three and a half minute-long piece, she educates viewers about how easily bacteria, including the coronavirus, can spread.

Gloves do not provide protection if you do not sanitize the belongings you regularly use – for example your phone – and if you do not wash your hands.

"I'm seeing a lot of people out here wearing gloves," Lixey says in the footage.

"That's great…but I wanted to remind you of this little thing called cross-contamination."

Lixey uses a rectangular piece of cardboard to act as her phone, and green paint to resemble bacteria.

"Let's say I'm in my car, I'm getting ready to go into the store," she says, donning a pair of blue gloves.

"I reach for toilet paper…and I put it in my cart, and now I have all these germs on my hands from my toilet paper."

Lixey then explains how, even though the germs are on her gloves, they will then be transferred to her cellphone.

When she uses her mock cellphone, the green germs transfer from her gloves to her phone, and then to her face.

Even once she removes her gloves after she's done shopping, the germs remain on her face and her phone, where they can then infect her.

"[The gloves] belong in the trash," Lixey reminds her audience as an aside. "In the trash can people, instead of putting them in parking lot next to your vehicle, please put them in the trash."

"There's no point in wearing gloves if you're not going to wash your hands every time you touch something," Lixey emphasizes.

"There is no point, friends. So do whatever makes you feel safe, but there is some science here.

"All this fear is manifesting into people being crazy and into not acting very smart."

The video has now ratcheted up 1.1 million views, with Lixey commenting: " I never expected a goofy video I made in the spur of the moment would get this much attention. Just goes to show it really is a crazy world out there."

Coronavirus deaths are set to peak in 10 days when 2,644 people will die in 24 hours, leading to what's been described as another "9/11 moment" for America.

The US is still 10 days away from its COVID-19 peak – but some scientists say the killer bug is set to kill 81,766 people across the country by August 4, after the nation became the new global epicenter.

The vicious illness has infected over 330,00 Americans as of April 6 when the death toll topped 9,600.

Researchers from the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics created a grim new model, which indicates the nation is just 10 days from running out of resources when the demand for hospital beds surges to 262,092.

The US currently has 87,674 less beds than this number as President Donald Trump warned Americans that a "very deadly period" was coming.

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