Nurse reveals Sir Rod Stewart generosity after she beat coronavirus

‘I still can’t believe the generosity!’: NHS student nurse, 35, tells how Sir Rod Stewart sent her £5,000 cheque to help her through ‘rough times’ after she beat coronavirus

  • Nurse Natasha Jenkins spent 22 days on a ventilator fighting coronavirus 
  • She contracted the deadly virus while working on the NHS frontline
  • So rapid was her decline that she cannot recall how quickly she became ill 
  • Sir Rod Stewart made the kind donation to help her through the ‘rough times’  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A student nurse has opened up on the incredible token of generosity she received from the legendary Sir Rod Stewart, after he learned of her battle with coronavirus. 

Natasha Jenkins spent 22 days on a ventilator fighting coronavirus, after contracting the deadly virus while working on the NHS front line.

The 35-year-old, a single mother of three from Barry, South Wales, was treated at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff after developing pneumonia and testing positive for COVID-19.

Now, after finally beating the virus, she has spoken out for the first time – revealing both the extent of her struggle and the manner in which Sir Rod reached out. 

Natasha Jenkins spent 22 days on a ventilator fighting coronavirus, after contracting the deadly virus while working on the NHS front line

A signed picture from the legend read: ‘to help you through tough times’, as Sir Rod made a gift of £5,000 to Natasha and her family

‘I never thought in a million years I would catch it, even when I was in the hospital and they done the test on me I said I haven’t got it,’ she said on Good Morning Britain.

‘I was ill, I had to look at texts because I can’t remember declining it was quite rapid in hospital. I could hear stuff when I was on the ventilator whether that was when they were trying to reduce my sedation is not clear, it’s really vague.

‘It’s like paralysis I could hear nurses introducing themselves, it is comforting, if anybody’s able to speak to their family members definitely do it in my experience I could hear and I would’ve loved to have been able to speak to my family at the time.

‘The first few days are quite hazy because of the medication I was still hallucinating a bit, I could see other people across the way from me on a ventilator, it’s quite confusing you don’t know who’s who. I had pictures of my children they put at the end of the bed for me.

The student nurse was overcome with emotion when finally reunited with her young children

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Natasha revealed how Sir Rod Steward got in touch in order to help out with her personal situation

‘Rod sent me quite a substantial bit of money to help me through the times that I’m going through.

It was then revealed the music icon sent over £5,000, in order to help her get back on her feet and regain an element of normal life. A signed picture was shown, on which Sir Rod had written: ‘Hi Natasha. A small gift to help you through rough times.’

She added: ‘That was amazing obviously I can’t work at the moment I’ve had to take time off uni, I’m a single parent with three children so it’s going to help a lot, there’s no pressure on me now to return to work or university and I still can’t believe the generosity.

‘I’ve had a tracheotomy put in, my voice has got better the past two days but its a bit better now, I am out of breath that’s because I’m speaking quite a lot. 

‘In regard to recovery my mobility is not the best I’ve had to learn how to walk again I am able to walk around the house, today I’m going to walk down the street. In comparison to what I’ve watched and other people I’m doing quite well.’

She is now thinking of what to do with the gift and is considering a treat for her three children – Codie, 16, Elise, 12, and Oakley, six – next year. 

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