Optical illusion revealed after landslide uncovers very surprising details – but what do you see?

NATURE lovers were amazed after spotting a real-life optical illusion emerging from a cliff – but what do you see?

A couple spotted the strange looking rocks sticking out of the side of the face of the cliff at Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall.

Bedruthan Steps, just a few miles north of Mawgan Porth, started to become treacherous in December 2019, when a huge rockfall destabilised the cliff face.

Cordons have been set up in the area, warning people to not approach some parts of the coast path because of erosion.  

Louise Coe and her husband used to regularly walk the cliffs, but have not been back in a year because of the landslides.

They spotted a face coming out of the rocks, and described it as a “brilliant sight” which she didn’t expect.


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She said:  “We’ve gone there so many times before but never noticed. It’s quite different, looks like a recent landslide formed it – but it looks man-made.

“Obviously it can’t be, though, we haven’t heard anything because of where it is.

“We’ve lived here for many years and are National Trust members so go there quite often.”

While the couple spotted a face, there are four illusions hidden in the rock – which one do you see?

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The side profile of a soldier can clearly be seen

Louise and her husband spotted a human face in the rock, but the crumbling landslide also created the appearance of a Roman soldier.

The figure even seemed to be wearing a galea – a battle helmet –  while looking to the left of the partially destroyed cliff.

A side profile of the face can clearly be seen, and is protected by the iconic side flaps of the helmet.


Animal lovers also spotted a rather sad looking lion etched into the rock face – with a man surrounding the illusion.

Two eyes can be seen staring down at those who are walking past the cliffs in Cornwall, as well as a nose and muzzle.

Locals who spot the image of the beast might be surprised to see the king of the jungle glaring at them.


Fans of the Planet of the Apes spotted an illusion that looked as though it could have some straight from the set of the iconic film.

Monkey lovers spotted the face of an ape in the crumbling rock, with some of the features of the face being carved out.

A nose and mouth can also be seen, as well as the full face profile of the cliff marsupial.


Dog lovers even spotted the face of mans' best friend in the partially destroyed rock face.

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The outline of a pooch could clearly be seen in the side of the Cornwall cliffs.

Ears and even a nose could be easily discerned from the naturally occuring illusion.

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