Oregon Woman Was Fatally Beaten by Boyfriend's Teen Son While She Desperately Tried to Call 911

An Oregon teen who admitted to the gruesome murder of his father’s girlfriend was sentenced Monday to seven years in a juvenile facility.

The judge’s ruling in the now 18-year-old killer’s case was criticized by the prosecutor’s office and the victim’s family, who thought the teen, who confessed to killing 43-year-old Kimberly Forness before sexually assaulting her body when he was 15, should have been tried in adult court.

“It is not a just result for the victims and their family,” Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry tells PEOPLE. “It is not justice for the crimes he committed.”

Forness’s family agreed.

“It is a shame to call what we are doing here today an action of the justice system because no one is getting justice,” Forness’ daughter Ellie told the court, The Oregonian reports. “I am 26 years old. Even in the best case scenario for us, Andrew will be walking the streets again after brutally murdering my mother before he reaches the age I am now.”

The killer, whose name is not being published by PEOPLE because his case was adjudicated in juvenile court, was the latest Oregon teen to be sentenced under Oregon’s juvenile justice reform bill that was signed into law last year. The new law gives minors the chance to have early release and keep them out of adult prisons.

The killer’s case originally was in adult court before being transferred.

“We moved to have him waived into adult court and the judge ruled against us and kept him in juvenile court,” Berry says. “Because he has been adjudicated in the juvenile system and committed to custody with the Oregon Youth Authority, he cannot be held past the last day of his 24th year.”

Berry says the killer attacked Forness after he became enraged when his father wouldn’t let him watch TV.

“He was angry and was in a rage about that. He had feigned not feeling well that day and stayed home and asked if he could watch TV and was told he could not. He then attacked.”

According to Berry, the teen initially attacked Forness by jumping on her back and slitting her throat with a box cutter he had gone outside to get earlier.

“That didn’t kill her,” he says. “She escaped to her room and was trying to call for help when he attacked her with a bat and killed her with the bat. There was evidence at the scene that he whipped her with a belt probably after she was dead and then sexually assaulted the body.”

Berry says the teen then took a bath, cleaned up the scene with bleach, fixed himself a cup of herbal tea and watched the music video for the song “Freak on a Leash,” by Korn.

Later that day, the killer shot his father’s roommate in the face and hip when he came home from work. The roommate survived the attack.

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During the sentencing Monday, Yamhill County Circuit Judge John Collins said he wasn’t pleased with the short sentence but had to follow the law.

“I have worried about, if you will, the impact this has had on the victims throughout this case,” Collins said, according to The Oregonian. “The court has been constrained by legal considerations that, well, frankly may put me in the position of having to make a ruling even I didn’t like.”

The killer thanked the judge after the ruling.

“I don’t want your thanks,” Collins answered. “I want you to take responsibility for this as best you can. Any decision I made was not intended to be for your benefit. It was intended to follow the law.”

The killer’s attorneys could not be reached for comment.

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