Outrage as The View's Meghan McCain insists 'US is STILL racist' on George Floyd's anniversary

THE VIEW'S Meghan McCain's comment that "US is still a racist country" has sparked outrage among viewers.

Her comment comes while discussing racism in the US on the first anniversary of George Floyd's death.

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She said: "I want to continue as Condoleezza Rice says, who is one of my icons, taking my own responsibility and culpability in what I have done to contribute to make America a racist country and to help make it less of a racist country. "

She continued by suggesting to conservatives who "don’t really understand the issue or don’t want to hear the issue as much" Rice’s op-ed which was published after George Floyd's murder.

"Look, if my co-hosts and I want to go shopping and to lunch after the show, it will be a different experience for Whoopi and Sunny than it would be for me.’ Full stop, hands down. Racism is still a big problem in this country," she added.

Her words sparked outrage among viewers as many insisted the US is not a racist country.

One of the comments reads: "For 5yrs now the women of @TheView have played the Race Card every chance they get.

"@JoyVBehar who got caught wearing black face has gone out of her way to prove how much she hated white people despite being white herself.

"They won’t show you black cops or white victims. Why?"

Another one reads: "Do you think if Floyd had not resisted arrest he would be here today? All this talk about 'The talk.'

"Every father & mother no matter what your color is tells you to obey the police. Do exactly as they tell you even if you feel you’re right & the are wrong."

Meanwhile, co-host Sunny Hostin said: "I've given this so much thought because after the verdict even before I felt I had seen such a scene change especially because I saw these protests across the country and across the world and they were such a diverse group of people together holding hands and seemingly wanting this change.

"But the same day the verdict came down all of a sudden you see more police brutality, someone murdered a couple of blocks down the street from the courthouse where Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

"And the George Floyd policing Act is now stuck in Congress and I now question whether or not we’re going to see real change, I know question whether or not the wounds are going to be healed, I now question whether or not we’re going to see real progress in terms of policing and in terms of the real scourge of systemic racism in this country."

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