Pensioners, 89 and 90, recover from coronavirus

‘Stay strong Boris. If I can beat this anyone can’: Pensioners, 89 and 90, recover from coronavirus and tell the PM he can too

  • Bill Dobie, from Blackpool, aged 90, has defeated the deadly coronavirus 
  • 89-year-old Dorothy Elrick, from Sheffield, also fought and overcame Covid-19
  • Both wished Prime Minister Boris Johnson a speedy recovery from the virus  
  • Mr Dobie was rushed into intensive care with Covid-19 but made a full recovery 
  • Mrs Elrick spent a week in hospital after displaying symptoms of the virus 

A 90-year-old who beat coronavirus has told ‘Churchillian’ Prime Minster Boris Johnson to keep a ‘positive mindset’ as he fights the killer virus in intensive care.

Bill Dobie, from Blackpool, fought the virus in intensive care after suffering a high temperature before making a full recovery.

It came as an 89-year-old great grandmother from Sheffield who also defeated coronavirus also urged the Prime Minister to ‘stay strong’.

90-year-old Bill Dobie, from Blackpool, made a full recovery after contracting coronavirus – he urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to keep a ‘positive mindset’ as he fights the virus

89-year-old grandmother from Sheffield, Dorothy Elrick, beat coronavirus after spending a week in hospital after suffering from a dry cough, breathlessness and high temperature 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened

The Prime Minister spent Monday night in intensive care at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London after his ‘persistent’ coronavirus symptoms worsened.

Mr Johnson has received ‘oxygen support’ but hasn’t been placed on a ventilator. 

Mr Dobie, who overcame Covid-19 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, said: ‘I am hoping the Prime Minister is going to get well and get back to leading the country.

‘He is the one guy who is going to fulfil my dream and deliver Brexit.

‘It’s difficult to hear that he has been taken to hospital. I hope he gets over it.

‘We need him, we need a Churchillian leader in these times.

Mr Dobie, 90, described Boris Johnson as a ‘Churchillian leader’ and wished him well

‘It’s good to look at all the people who have survived like me.

‘If he has a good positive mindset and believes he will be OK, that’s very important and will give him a chance.

‘Boris, we need you. You get better and get the country back on track.’

Dorothy Elrick, 89, was categorised as high risk due to suffering from the lung condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

But after spending a week attached to an oxygen tank, the grandma-of-seven made a recovery and was discharged to return home on Friday without even realising she’d been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Dorothy, pictured with granddaughter Jessica (left) and son Ian (right) is now back at home after being discharged from hospital on Friday 

And Mrs Elrick sent her message to the Prime Minister: ‘Stay strong Boris. If I can beat this anyone can and try not to worry.

‘Hopefully people will start following the rules so we can see our families again and I can see my grandchildren.’

Her granddaughter Jade Elrick, 26, added: ‘The country needs to be completely locked down if people aren’t taking it seriously so fewer lives are lost and we can return to normal sooner.

‘I wish Boris well and hope he makes a speedy recovery.’

Mr Dobie, an avid golfer, was confined to bed with a high temperature when his son Paul visited him and called an ambulance.

Medics told Paul it was suspected Covid-19 and told him to self-isolate while his father was treated in intensive care.

But the 90-year-old made a complete recovery and said: ‘I hope my story gives people encouragement for people at what I know is a worrying time.

‘I was originally in intensive care but then moved to the isolation ward and I was treated superbly.

‘It was a bit of a worrying time obviously but the staff were amazing.

‘A few years ago, I had a cardiac procedure at the hospital and I said then I would never again hear a bad word said about the NHS.

‘This time they surpassed that and I can’t praise the staff enough.

Dorothy Elrick pictured with her granddaughter Skye – the 89-year-old made a full recovery 

‘The care they gave me was out of this world and I’m over the moon to be back at home now.’ 

Dorothy, a grandma of seven and great-great-grandma of one was rushed to hospital by ambulance on March 27 after she found herself more breathless than usual and suffering from a raging temperature.

The retired factory packer, who has beaten three forms of cancer in her life, was kept in a private isolated room for the week she spent in hospital. 

Granddaughter Jade said: ‘We obviously weren’t allowed to see her – the hospital said she was in a room on her own which she didn’t like. She didn’t understand why we weren’t able to visit.

The 89-year-old wears a protective face mask as she returns home from hospital

‘We tried to call but the nurses wouldn’t even hand her the phone because of infection control. We were worried sick- it was horrible.

‘Because of social distancing, only my dad could be there to welcome her home.

‘I spoke to her for the first time on Facetime when she got home and it was emotional. We’re honestly so happy to have her back, it is such a relief.

‘After she’d watched the TV when she got back she asked my dad if he’d seen the news about this virus going around and he’d told her that’s what she’d had – she was none the wiser.

‘But we aren’t surprised she’s back as she’s really tough – she’s had breast cancer, cancer of the womb and skin cancer and she’s still going.’ 





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