Philly football player is 11 years old but has the body of a grown up

Unstoppable! 11-year-old football player with the body of a GROWN MAN towers over his coach at Philadelphia youth team

  • Nyeem Powell, 11, towers over his West Philly Panthers teammates 
  • The young boy usually is number 40 and plays both defensive and offensive
  • It’s not clear what caused Nyeem’s growth spurt but he appears to have a bright future in football

An 11-year-old boy from Philadelphia has become an online sensation after a video of him playing football went viral. 

Nyeem Powell towers over his teammates – and even his coach – at the West Philly Panthers youth team.

It’s not clear what sparked Nyeem’s growth spurt but he appears to have a bright future in football thanks to his unusual size and skills and footage of him playing has already racked up almost 40,000 likes and two million views.  

Video courtesy of Yeasports 

West Philly Phanters 11-year-old defense football player Nyem Powell has become an internet sensation. Pictureed is Nyeem (left) greeting a much smaller opponent

Social media users were left baffled after learning the boy, who has the body of an adult, is only 11 years old

Nyeem Powell| OL/DL| West Philly Panthers 11u

He usually is number 40 and plays both defensive and offensive. 

In the clip, Nyeem can be seen time and time again tackling other players to prevent them from getting the ball. 

YouTube users agreed that a brilliant future awaits for Nyeeem, who at his young age seems to be focused on becoming the best player he can be. 

‘He got a good future if he keeps on, working on his skills, learning new skills and keeps on developing all around. He needs a good coach,’ said one user. 

‘I’m 37, and if I ever see that kid on field, I’m running the other way,’ said another. 

Some remained in disbelief that Nyeem was only 11 years old.  

In another video, Nyeem greets his smaller, intimidated opponents with firm handshakes. 

In a video compilation that has bcome viral, Powell can be seeing showing off his skills on the field 

Powell (right), standing next to his couch (left) is only 11 years old

Many noted that Nyeem, who plays for the West Philly Panthers, has the phisyque of a grown up, and said he probably could block more than one player at once

His confidence translates to the field.  Most did not stand a chance in the game once Nyeem crossed their way. 

Nyeem has at least three more years in the West Philly Panthers, as football teams there are for children ages 5-14. 

The West Philly Phanters is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of sports activities in Philadelphia since the 90s. 

In the comment section of the video, Nyeem was encouraged to keep playing the sport as many hoped to one day, perhaps, see him playing in the NFL.  

The video showing Powell’s best moments has become viral. It has over 2 million views and has earned almost 40,000 likes 

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