Raider gets crushed while trying to steal a specialist pallet

Falling into a life of crime! Moment a bungling raider gets crushed while trying to steal a pallet from an industrial estate

  • Two men attempted to steal some specialist pallets from an industrial estate 
  • The incident happened in Aston, Birmingham on the evening of December 17
  • One of the suspects slips over and is crushed by the pallet which falls on him
  • The men drive off when they are confronted by some members of staff  

This is the moment a pair of suspected thieves were forced to run off after failing to steal a pile of specialist pallets from a Midlands industrial estate. 

The two men pull into the industrial estate and turn their white van around to point it towards the exit. 

The men dump down from their van and attempt to manhandle a large pallet into the back of their van. 

This is the moment two men are suspected of trying to steal some specialist plastic pallets from an industrial estate in Aston, Birmingham

One of the men slipped over and the full weight of the pallet fell on his body, injuring him slightly

The injured man is helped into the back of the van by the driver who then speeds off

However, one of the men slips over and is crushed by the pallet forcing them to abandon their attempt. 

The driver helps his friend to the back of the van, while a third person in the passenger seat shouts a warning that workers in the industrial estate are approaching. 

As the two workers approach, the driver runs towards his van and jumps in before driving off.   

Commenting on the video, which was filmed during the afternoon of December 17, Danielle Taylor said: ‘Had watch this a few times funniest thing ever’ 

Junaid Mohammed said: ’What sound effect you think he made lol’ 

Marie Oliver added: ‘Karma is a b****.’

MailOnline has approached West Midlands Police to see if anyone has made a formal complaint and whether any arrests have been made. 

The suspects drove off after they were challenged by two people working in the industrial estate

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