Romantic guy sends neighbor his number by DRONE while on coronavirus lockdown – and then goes on date in a zorb bubble – The Sun

TECHNOLOGY has helped two socially distanced New Yorkers find love in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Photographer Jeremy Cohen was working on a photo series from his apartment in New York City when he looked out his window and spotted 24-year-old Tori dancing on her roof.

"I was working on a photo series from my apartment where I've been documenting the roof culture during quarantine – so I've been looking out my windows a lot," he told Metro UK.

Feeling bold, the 28-year-old filmed himself meeting his neighbor on the roof across from his apartment and then flew a drone to her with his number attached.

Tori texted him back, and the two soon had their first socially distanced date over FaceTime.

"We waved hi at each other and I felt a bit of a connection, so I wanted to get in touch with her," he said.

"That's when I wrote my number on my drone and flew it over there."

"Our first date went amazing – we get along so well and she's easy to talk to," he added.

Although he was a "little nervous" to ask her out, Jeremy said he was "craving human interaction after being cooped up in my apartment quarantined for a bit."

Being the romantic he is, Jeremy enlisted Tori's roommate to help woo her with a dinner date, complete with flowers.

He then took the leap and asked Tori on a real-life date – but he didn't want to risk infection, so he inflated a zorbing bubble and the pair went on a walk.

Jeremy got the idea from a friend posing with the human-sized bubble on a friend's social media post and decided to get one for himself.

He had to find a way to top his eccentric rooftop date, saying: "I knew it would be perfect for a second date!"

"She loved it," he said.

"It was difficult to have a conversation during out walk around the neighborhood, but we shared a ton of laughs."

Their quirky second date was filmed on video for Jeremy's TikTok channel, where the videos quickly went viral.

The photographer said although a third date isn't yet in the works, he hopes to go on more dates with Tori in the future.

As Americans around the country continue to hunker down in hopes of stopping the spread of coronavirus, many are turning to technology to get through daily life.

Last week in California, Twitter used Ian Chan shared a video of his friend using a drone to deliver him toilet paper when he wasn't able to order it on Amazon.

"When you need that t.p. but Amazon is out, and you're not supposed to leave your house; tech San Francisco doesn't fail," wrote Ian Chan.

"Thank you @chenosaurus for the speedy cross city delivery – I owe you one."

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