Seattle Antifa rioters damage first Starbucks in Biden protest

Antifa militants cause destruction in protest of Biden inauguration

Journalist Nancy Rommelmann reacts to anti-fascist protesters rampaging through Portland, Seattle on ‘FOX News Primetime’

Antifa militants upset over President Joe Biden’s inauguration damaged a number of businesses during a chaotic night in Seattle, including the first Starbucks, a tourist attraction that draws coffee lovers to the historic site. 

Videos posted to social media showed crowds of protesters marching through the city voicing disdain for Biden, who took his oath of office hours earlier and implored the nation to come together. Police made three arrests for crimes that included burglary, assault and property damage. 

The first Starbucks location was damaged during an anti-Biden protest in Seattle on Wednesday.
(Seattle Police Department )

The left-wing militants vandalized numerous buildings, used smoke canisters and moved objects into the roadway to create barriers, authorities said. At one point, a group dressed in all black set a large American flag ablaze and smashed several windows. 

The damage included Starbucks first location, which opened in 1971 on Pike Place. Starbucks declined to comment on the matter. 

Images released by the Seattle Police Department shows the store’s front windows smashed and police tape covering the entrance. One of the arrests made was of a 33-year-old man for property damage and burglary of the coffee shop, police said. 

Elsewhere, windows to a building that houses an Amazon Go store were also smashed. 


The chaos came as similar riots occurred in Portland, Ore., where mobs vandalized the Democratic Party of Oregon’s headquarters and other structures. 

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