Sen. Barrasso says he was told to delete photos of border facilities

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Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, on Sunday said he was told to delete photos of migrant facilities at the border — as he claimed children are being packed “like sardines” inside.

“This is both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis,” Barrasso said during an interview on Fox News.

Barrasso said on “Sunday Morning Futures” that GOP senators were told by officials to delete photos they took of the facilities during a recent visit to the US-Mexico border.

“We were told to delete the pictures,” he said. “No one did. You’ve seen the video coming out of all of these kids crammed together under the foil blankets, huddling together.”

Unaccompanied minors, who have been flooding the border in recent weeks, are “crammed like sardines,” he added.

“This is what the Biden administration is trying to hide from the American public,”

The lawmaker also noted that US Customs and Border Protection officials are only testing migrant kids for the coronavirus when they leave the agency’s facilities for other government-run centers — not when they arrive — raising fears about the possible spread of COVID-19 around the country.

“They do the instant test. And then those that have been tested positive are just kind of moved to one side of the courtyard, those negative to the other of this courtyard,” Barrasso said.

“They’ve all been exposed, and then they’re sent all across the country. You know, that is the real tragedy of this. And we’re not sure what variant of the of the coronavirus they’re carrying. They are carrying it, though, all around America.”

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