Shocking footage shows Rapper DaBaby’s entourage attacking landlord, 64, after star staged music video at property

THIS is the shocking footage that shows Rapper DaBaby’s entourage attacking a 64-year-old landlord after the star staged a music video at homeowner's property.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk – best known as DaBaby – and his associates are being sued by Los Angeles homeowner Gary Pagar after the group of 10 rented his house for "a private vacation."

Pagar claimed in a lawsuit that DaBaby and his team "beat, punched, spat on, threatened, shoved, and robbed" him at his LA home on December 2, 2020.

According to the suit, Pagar alleged DaBaby and his associates violated his rental agreement terms.

The Sun reached out to DaBaby's reps at South Coast Music Group on Wednesday night but did not immediately receive a response.

Pagar said the agreement terms were violated as DaBaby had approximately 40 people at the home – including YouTuber Jake Paul.

He accused DaBaby of using his property to allow a full commercial film crew to record a music video.

Video of the attack at Pagar's home shows a DaBaby associate throwing the homeowner to the ground in front of the house – as filming took place.

Pagar, who stands at five feet seven inches tall, claimed he was punched in his driveway by the associate, who is six feet three inches tall, and no bystanders intervened.

Footage also captured DaBaby climbing out of a vehicle and pulling his associate, dubbed John Doe 1 in the lawsuit, off of Pagar.

Pagar has accused DaBaby of trying to "taunt, threaten and punch" him.

According to the suit, DaBaby allegedly stole Pagar's phone, following him into the house, and threatened him to refrain from calling police.

DaBaby has also been accused of punching Pagar – who claims to have lost a tooth in the attack – inside the house.

The 29-year-old rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina, and his team, allegedly fled the premises after police were called.

Documents reportedly revealed the house was rented by DaBaby for a total of $43,706.

However, the incident left the house with a broken foyer sculpture, stolen kitchenware, a massive amount of trash, and damages to upholstery and floor, Pagar claims.

He is suing for $117,910.48.

The incident comes about one year after DaBaby was arrested twice in two weeks on suspicion of battery.

In early 2019 DaBaby was arrested after an incident at a Wal-Mart where a man was shot and killed in November 2018.

He had not pulled the trigger, and was found guilty of a weapons charge.

The rapper was sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation and a suspended 30-day jail sentence.

Last month, DaBaby insisted he did not diss JoJo Siwa in his new song, Beatbox Freestyle, and even claimed his young daughter is the YouTuber's "number one fan."

The rapper was slammed after he released a song where he seemingly called JoJo a "b***h."


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