Simone Biles’ brother confronted by victim’s mother after murder acquittal

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The brother of Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was acquitted of murder and other charges on Tuesday — then confronted in the courtroom by the mother of one of the victims who accused him of “killing” her son.

Ohio Judge Joan Synenberg granted the acquittal requested by lawyers of Tevin Biles-Thomas, 26, over a lack of evidence tying him to the triple homicide at a 2018 New Year’s Eve house party in Cleveland, WJW reported.

Biles-Thomas was facing murder, voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault charges.

Delvante Johnson, 19, Toshaun Banks, 21 and Biles-Thomas’ 23-year-old cousin, Devaughn Gibson were killed in the shooting.

After Tuesday’s ruling, one the victim’s mothers rushed at Biles-Thomas before deputies restrained her, the report said.

“He killed my baby! You know he killed my baby!” the mother screamed, according to video of the outburst obtained by the outlet.

Biles-Thomas’ lawyer, Joseph Patituce, said in a statement obtained by the news station that he empathizes with the distraught mother.

“She lost a son and we understand, and we respect the fact that she has suffered horribly, her family has suffered horribly, just like the other families … Including Mr. Biles,” Patituce said.

“We get it, she’s angry. She was led to believe Mr. Biles was guilty, when he wasn’t, and she reacted like a mother. We don’t fault her for that,” the lawyer said.

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