Sisters jailed for flying Polish people into UK to make £300k bogus benefit claims

TWO sisters flew Polish ­people into the UK to make bogus benefit claims worth nearly £300,000.

Monika Gorska, 29, brought in 49 compatriots over 14 months to scam £297,161 in Universal Credit.

Edyta Gorska, 35, helped launder the cash and created fake ID cards.

A court heard Monika started setting up Department for Work and Pensions accounts in August 2019.

The con accelerated last year as the DWP relaxed rules to allow remote confirmation of ID documents.

John McNally, prosecuting, said: “This was organised, international-scale offending.

"It had four necessary steps — arranging transit to the UK for the person, obtaining an account at banks, claims creation and management, then harvesting.”

The pair were also involved in a separate scam involving Barclays manager Karolina Zmijewska, 40, Inner London crown court heard.

The “trusted employee”, once awarded a prize for her work, opened 12 fraudulent accounts and helped fleece her employers out of nearly £250,000.

She skipped security checks but claimed she did so only when Edyta came to her with a “tearful story” about her mum being poorly.

Monica helped run the bank fraud from rented flats in Wood Green and Romford, where Edyta also lived.

Their story unravelled when police held two of the gang with falsedocuments.

Monika was jailed for 2½ years and Edyta two years. Zmijewska got 18 months.

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