Student, 21, stunned after renting home from virtual tour – before realising it’s covered in a Simpson’s mural – The Sun

A STUDENT was left stunned after taking a virtual tour of his new rental home – before discovering it was covered with a Simpson's mural outside.

Charlie Lucas-Smith, 21, had only seen the inside of the home while he was house hunting ahead of his second year of university.

But four days before moving in, the Bristol University student decided to check his new place on Google Street – and was astonished at what he saw.

The five-bed house is painted orange with a huge mural of Homer Simpson daubed on the front and one of cartoon son Bart relaxing on Brighton Beach on the back.

Sharing his surprise on social media, Charlie's post went viral and racked up more than 17,000 interactions.

However despite his initial shock, the music business student admits he loves his new place and has declared the house is "right up my street".

Charlie, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, said: "I wanted to see if there were any parking spaces, and when I put the address into Google Maps it suddenly sunk in where I was living.

"I sent a photo of it in the group chat and said 'surely we're not living here'.

"Luckily it's right up my street at the end of the day and something I find really funny, and I've always been a massive fan of the Simpsons."

The Homer mural wraps around the front of the main-road-facing house in Bristol, Sussex, and depicts the famous cartoon dad holding a spray can above some of his signature snacks, doughnuts.

There's also a sign sprayed below the impressive artwork playing on the house's Hartington Road location, cleverly switching it to Bartington.

The mural of Bart sitting on a sun lounger on the town's beach stretches from floor to roof and can be clocked by the public via a side street.

The house was found by Charlie's housemates, so while one was aware of the exterior, Charlie was oblivious, having only watched the virtual tour of the interior.

Despite the confusion upon realising where he was about to live, he's now lapping up being a tenant of what some Twitter users have dubbed "the coolest house in Brighton".

Charlie said: "Since we've moved in you can hear people pointing it out as they walk past the house, and I overheard someone say to their friend the other day, 'this house is jokes'.

"We've got a massive window in the living room right underneath the Homer mural and people are constantly looking in to see what kind of people live in somewhere like this.

"I've had a few friends over to see me since I've moved in and the first thing they do is mention that."

The unusual property made headlines in 2015 when previous tenants woke up to find local graffiti artist known as ‘Aroe’ painting the impressive murals with the landlord’s permission.

The talented artist is also responsible for three other houses in Brighton being themed to cartoons Family Guy, Rick and Morty, and Adventure Time.

Charlie thinks this is a lighthearted example of why Covid-friendly video viewings will never be as good as visiting in person as there will always be potential pitfalls.

Charlie said: "The video started from the front door, so you can't see any of the murals and then the interior was all grey and white, so you don't expect the outside to be orange.

"Most places have been doing video tours and you can never really know what it's actually going to be like when you get there.

"Luckily, we were happy with everything, but for another house I looked at, I saw one filmed with a fisheye lens to make it look bigger, so some seem to be using it to their advantage.

"It's taught me to make sure you get a proper look of how it's all going to be, and I'd definitely encourage people to check out the exterior of the house."

Charlie says he hasn't watched any Simpsons episodes in the house yet, but he plans to have a night in binge-watching the legendary cartoon soon.

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