Stunning Art Deco posters from as early as 1910 in new exhibition

The age of Art Deco: Stunning vintage advertising posters including one featuring an early version of the Michelin Man are set to be displayed in new London exhibition

  • Exhibition opens on Saturday at luxury London hotel 45 Park Lane  

It was a style that represented luxury, glamour, and rich exuberance.

Lasting from the 1910s until the the early 1930s, the age of Art Deco was popular across Europe after originating in France.

Now, a new exhibition in London reveals some of the era’s most iconic advertising posters.

One from 1910 displays an early version of the world famous Michelin Man – the mascot of the French tyre firm of the same name.

Another promotes the motoring prowess of France’s premier car firm Renault, in its 1920s heyday.

Also on display is a 1933 London Underground advert for Hyde Park, complete with depictions of the well-dressed upper classes. 

Other posters in the exhibition promote the delights of places including Australia, Nice, and Swiss skiing resorts.  

The exhibition – held in collaboration with London-based gallery AntikBar, opens on Saturday at luxury hotel 45 Park Lane.

Kirill Kalinin, founder of AntikBar, said: ‘We’re delighted to be exhibiting these exceptional, rare vintage posters in such an iconic Art Deco-inspired hotel. The focus on travel, leisure and luxury are a beautiful combination for such a design-led space.’  

Dating back to 1910, this poster advertises Michelin tyres and features the French firm’s famous mascot, Bibendum. He is better known simply as the Michelin Man. The figure was introduced in 1894 by cartoonist Marius Rossilon

This London Underground poster promoting the delights of Hyde Park was printed in 1933. Seen are elegant gentlemen in top hats, ladies in colourful dresses and a nanny stealing a glance at a dashing soldier

London was once criss-crossed with tramways, until the system was dismantled in favour of buses. This poster from 1923 told Londoners they could catch the tram to play and watch Polo at Avery Hill in Eltham, south-east London

For Londoners in 1936, the delight of ‘The Continent’ were on offer. Customers were lured in by a railway firm with scenes of well-dressed travellers enjoying themselves in a Euopean city

This alluring advert for Campari – printed in 1926 – was designed by Italian artist Marcello Nizzoli. The scene boasted a bottle and glass of the liqueur, along with a posh soda siphon 

This Spanish poster boasted: ‘Wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of beverages’. Printed in 1940, its strapline was a quote from renowned French chemist Louis Pasteur

This poster from 1930 promoted fuel firm Shell’s ‘anti-knock’ fuel. A knocking sound – due to premature fuel ignition in the engine – was a common problem in early cars and planes

This 1920s poster advertised the motoring prowess of French car firm Renault

This poster from 1934 featured an Art Deco graphic design by Italian artist Paolo Garretto. It promoted a fuel made by British oil and gas firm BP, which was founded in 1909 

A 1930s advert for ‘the most luxurious Flying-Boat in the world’. The imperial Airways aircraft carried both passengers and mail

This 1930s poster advertised the delights of the city of Canberra. It was established as the Australian capital in 1913. The scene above, by designer James Northfield, shows the beauty of the city

For those looking for somewhere to ski, St Moritz in Switzerland has long been a popular destination. This poster advertising the sun-kissed slopes dates back to 1948

This poster from the 1930s lured travellers to the French seaside resort of Nice. It remains a hugely popular holiday destination for both ordinary tourists and celebrities

A poster from 1928 advertising the delights of skiing above the Swiss village of Adelboden 

An Italian poster from 1937 featuring a stunning depiction of a polo player, mounted on a majestic white horse. In the background woman swings a golf club amid picturesque surroundings

An Argentinian advert from the 1930s promotes the stunning beaches in the port city of Necochea

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