The View host Sunny Hostin calls Trump voters ‘un-American’ for backing ‘racist, homophobic candidate’ in shocking rant

THE VIEW host Sunny Hostin called Trump voters "un-American" for backing "racist, homophobic candidate" in a shocking rant aired on the talk show.

Hostin spoke with co-host Whoopi Goldberg on Thursday to discuss the impending results of the 2020 presidential election.

The 51-year-old began the programme by telling viewers she was "surprised" that the race between Biden and Trump has been so close.

"I am actually surprised that this race has been so close not because of the pollsters but more importantly because of the botched job that this president did," Hostin commented on Thursday.

“For the past four years, this president has shown us that he is a misogynist, that he is homophobic, that he is racist and that he mismanaged a coronavirus pandemic to the tune of over 250,000 American deaths,” Hostin continued.

“Yet 50 per cent of America saw all of that and looked the other way to their brothers and their sisters and said, ‘I’m going to vote for him anyway.’"

“That is really disheartening.”

This president has shown us that he is a misogynist, that he is homophobic, that he is racist.

Hoskin clarified her stance by saying: “I’m not going to say that 50 per cent of Americans are racist and sexist and homophobic but I will say that that tells me that they will look the other way to that kind of behavior, to the plight of their fellow Americans, if personally they feel that they are doing OK and that they will do better under that type of presidency".

“And that, I think, is despicable. It is un-American.”

Co-host Sara Haines interjected to disagree, saying Trump voters are “just as American as we are” and that voting was an inherently selfish act.

“Voting is a selfish thing,” Haines said. “We vote for what affects our day-to-day lives.”

But Hostin fired back with a quip about the foundations of democracy.

“The problem, Sara, though, is that our very democracy is founded on the notion of a collective spirit," she explained. "We the people, for the people, by the people. And unless you have that collective social contract, our democracy fails.”

The battle between Republican Trump and Democrat Biden has intensified, with 253 and 214 electoral votes each as of 6.30am ET Saturday.

Presidential candidates need 270 votes to win the race.

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