Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale in the crosshairs after Tulsa rally debacle, with Kushner and Ivanka ‘pissed’ – The Sun

AFTER crowd sizes at President Trump's rally in Tulsa didn't measure up to predictions, sources say Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are 'pissed' at Trump's campaign manager.

Prior to the rally, campaign officials told CNN that more than 1 million people registered to attend and they expected 100,000 to show up near the arena.

Campaign manager, Brad Parscale, seems to have been given the blame for over promising the crowd.

A source told CNN that Kushner and Ivanka Trump are pissed at Parscale, however a spokesperson for Kushner said that claim was false.

An additional source said Trump "has every right to be pissed" about the crowd numbers.

The source accused Parscale of giving rivals and the media a 'gift' of overconfidence.

According to the Tulsa Fire Department, less than 6,200 people attended the rally.

On the day of the rally, the campaign took down an "overflow" area outside the arena, evidently not needed as the arena was not full.

Donors and allies of the President are also upset with Saturday's turnout, according to CNN.

The low numbers and overconfidence reportedly stems to a large problem within the campaign – the lack of confidence of leaders in the reelection team, especially Parscale.

On Twitter after the rally, Parscale blamed the turnout on multiple things including the media, protests and blocked security gates.

A campaign adviser told CNN that Parscale has been under pressure within the campaign, receiving disappointment in his performance from Trump over the last few weeks.

As the evening "went poorly" according to the adviser, Parscale is losing confidence in Trump's inner circle.

The adviser compared Parscale to others close to the President saying that Kellyanne Conway, Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski never suffered from poor rally turnouts.

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