Trump campaign reportedly takes over YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours

President Trump’s reelection campaign is taking over YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours on Tuesday to showcase the administration’s accomplishments one week before Election Day, according to a report.

Team Trump launched a seven-figure ad buy on the video-sharing site that includes a number of key spots that the campaign believes will have an impact on voters in the crucial stretch of the election before the Nov. 3 vote, Breitbart News reported Monday evening.

The ads cover Trump’s rise to the presidency, the president’s economic successes with job growth and cutting taxes, and the corruption of Joe Biden’s family.

“It’s so obvious. He would go to a place, whether it’s China or Ukraine or any place – Russia – you take a look at what he’s done and his son was like a human vacuum cleaner. They’d take out millions and millions and millions of dollars,” the ad featuring Trump’s voice says, a reference to The Post’s Oct. 14 story on Hunter Biden.

Another ad touts the president’s work on criminal justice reform and one hammers the former vice president as a “zombie” and encourages voters to “prevent the zombie uprising.”

The report said the campaign plans to take over YouTube’s masthead again on Election Day.

The two presidential campaigns have been jockeying for ad real-estate on YouTube.

Trump and the Ultimate Fighting Championship took over the YouTube masthead for 24 hours during the final presidential debate last Thursday.

The Biden campaign, as part of a “Take back the internet” campaign after the first debate in September, also took over its masthead.

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