Trump claims ‘Corrected Fake News’ after Germany backtracks on ‘piracy’ claim

A Berlin official who accused the Trump administration of “modern day piracy” after 200,000 masks for Germany went missing has backpedaled and acknowledged that the supplies were ordered from a local company — prompting a “Corrected Fake News” tweet from President Trump.

Andreas Geisel, the interior minister of Berlin’s regional government, said in a statement Friday that the shipment of masks from a US manufacturer made it only as far as Bangkok before being “confiscated,” media in Germany reported at the time.

He described it as “an act of modern piracy”

But Geisel clarified on Saturday that the order was placed with a German company and that they were reviewing supply chain issues, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Trump on Sunday retweeted his acting Director of National Security Richard Grennel, who linked to the Washington Post report, saying “Now the WashPost has corrected the story.”

“Corrected Fake News!” Trump wrote.

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