Trump fan ‘kicked in the head and STOMPED’ by protester as DC streets turn bloody after ‘MAGA March’

A MAGA fanwas "kicked in the HEAD and STOMPED" by anti-Trump protesters as Washington DC streets turned bloody after the "Million MAGA March."

Graphic pictures show the horrifying incidents, as unrest broke out in the nation's capital on Saturday.

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Photos show the supporter of President Trump as he tries to fight off multiple demonstrators.

In one image, a counter-demonstrator was seen lunging toward his chest.

As the man lay on the ground, multiple people were seen surrounding him, with their feet raised as they went to kick him and stop on his head.

He was later seen being escorted away by others, his face bloodied.

Other pictures showed cops trying to break up a fight between members of the Proud Boys and supporters of Trump and counter-protesters.

Proud Boys are self-described as having an “anti-political correctness” and “anti-white guilt” agenda.

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the group as an "alt-right fight club."

In one image, a person lay on the ground in the fetal position trying to cover themselves as a man grabbed their shirt while cops tried to break up the brawl.

Thousands of Trump supporters had participated in a "Million Maga March" as they filled the streets of DC, heading to the Supreme Court.

Demonstrators echoed baseless claims from Donald Trump, who has claimed he won the election and there was voter fraud.

Amid the Saturday march, counter-protesters – including Antifa demonstrators – showed up as they insisted the election is over.

Clashes between the groups ensued, as violence erupted.

Videos showed protesters and counter-demonstrators trading punches, slaps, and shoving one another.

Some counter-demonstrators stole red hats and flags, and lit them on fire, according to The Washington Post.

A brawl broke out just five blocks from the White House around 8pm, and went on for several minutes before cops arrived and cleared the area, The Washington Post reported.

One man in his 20s was stabbed in the incidents and rushed to the hospital, a DC Fire official told The Post.

At least 10 people were arrested on Saturday, NBC's WRC-TV reported.

Four people were arrested for firearms violations, two were arrested for simple assault, and two were arrested for acting disorderly, cops said.

Another person was arrested for assaulting an officer, and one was arrested for "no permit."

Earlier Saturday, supporters of Trump chanted “USA, USA” and “four more years” as they marches in the streets, the Associated Press reported.

Trump drove by the rally in his motorcade to wave at supporters – but did not exit the vehicle.

Supporters carried Trump and American flags as they held signs showing displeasure with the vote counts.

One video from earlier Saturday showed a Trump supporter with a bloodied face falling to the ground after he was reportedly assaulted.

A punching match broke out between members of the group Refuse Fascism, who were dressed in black, and Trump supporters, the New York Post reported.

Members of the Proud Boys also went to the event in large groups, with some chanting "F**k Antifa" as they marched along Freedom Plaza.

Despite Trump and his campaigns' repeated claims, election officials have maintained there is no evidence of fraud that would alter the results of the election.

Trump and his team have filed multiple lawsuits as they try to dispute vote counts – but many of them have been tossed out.

News outlets have projected Biden as the president-elect, winning with a majority 306 Electoral College votes compared to Trump's 232.

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