Trump rips ex-top aide Anthony Scaramucci as a ‘loser’ after The Mooch slammed prez for ‘saying racist things’

DONALD Trump ripped his former aide Anthony Scaramucci as a "loser" after The Mooch slammed the president for "saying racist things."

The one-time White House employee is now backing Joe Biden for president in the upcoming presidential election.

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Trump attacked Scaramucci– who lasted just 11 days in the White House –after the Mooch's Sunday night interview with Fox News.

[email protected], who just made a fool of himself as he got taken apart by @SteveHiltonx, only lasted 11 days in his favorite of all time Administration, before being fired for, again, making a fool of himself," Trump tweeted.

"Anthony is a loser who begged to come back. I said “No Thanks”.

Scaramucci fired back at Trump, citing deaths from the coronavirus pandemic and unemployment figures.

"The Loser is you: 162,000 dead, 40 million American jobs lost on your watch. We are tired of all of the losing," Scaramucci tweeted.

"We wanted you to succeed but you are an abject failure.

"Thankfully it will be over on 11/3. America will heal and rebuild," he added.

Scaramucci first slammed Trump when speaking with Fox News' Steve Hilton on Sunday night, saying the president "divides people" and "is creating hate in our democracy."

He slammed Trump for politicizing "the science around the pandemic" and added, "we have to reframe and reengineer the Republican Party."

Scaramucci claimed Trump is "blowing a racist dog whistle" with talk of "shutting down low-income housing."

Axios revealed in June that Scaramucci, along with other former officials from the Trump and Bush administrations, launched the Right Side Political Action Committee (PAC) to get GOP voters to cast their ballots for Biden.

"I'm looking at the future, I'm looking at my millennial children and I'm looking about how we are going to re-knit the party so we can make that an all-inclusive party and the principles of that party," Scaramucci told Fox.

"What we are doing right now, we've destroyed the economy, we are dividing the people, we are racially charging, that's not going to work," he added.

Scaramucci was fired in 2017 for publicly ridiculing several of Trump's top advisors, including former White House strategist Steve Bannon, in the press.

He has since become critical of Trump, calling him "horrific," "despicable," and likening his supporters to a cult.

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