Trump says ‘no one will be safe in Biden’s America’ and tells cops to ‘fight back’ against Democrats

PRESIDENT Trump told cops to “fight back” against Dems and “no one will be safe in Biden’s America” after receiving an endorsement from one of the nation’s most powerful police unions.

“Our country is suffering from a radical far-left movement … that is trying to defame, demoralize, defund, dismantle and dissolve our great police departments. It’s a left-wing war on cops,” Trump said Friday.

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Trump, who is in New York after the hospitalization of his brother, spoke at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club Friday to members of the City of New York Police Benevolent Association – a union that represents about 24,000 police officers.

During his speech, the president claims, amid boos from the crowd, that Joe Biden would pass legislation that “would gut every police department America.”

Biden, however, has released statements saying that he does not believe in defunding cops.

Trump then slams Biden’s veep pick Kamala Harris as “a step worse” before claiming hoped Biden “would pick Pocohantas” – referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Trump contuned his attacks on Biden by bringing former NYC mayor Rudy Giouliani onstage, who he praised as “the greatest mayour our city has ever had.”

“Joe Bidens national police strategy will be modeled on the Bill de Blasio catastrophe,” Trump says, amid more boos from the crowd.

Trump added that his agenda “is anti-crime and pro-cop all the way.”

“DeBlasio has launched a real crusade against the police,” Trump said, slamming “mobs” who have “scrawled disgusting slogans such as ‘cops must die.’”

Union boss Pat Lynch, who gave the endorsement, hailed Trump for defending cops.

“I cannot remember when we've ever endorsed for the office of President of the United States, until now … You’ve earned this endorsement and I’m proud to give it,” Lynch said.

Earlier this week, Trump demanded during a press briefing that de Blasio rehires "incredible" police officers who were laid off amid a Democrat-backed "defunding" movement and crime spike.

In June, the police department disbanded its Anti-Crime Unit, a group within the NYPD that worked to get guns off the street, a move that has been slammed by critics for possibly causing a recent surge in shootings city-wide.

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