Two girls 'spiked' at Leeds Fest after teen dies after 'taking pill'

Two girls, 17, are ‘spiked by injection’ at Leeds Festival after boy, 16, dies there after ‘taking grey or black MDMA pill’ – as police probe another two spiking incidents at Reading

  • Two teenage girls were allegedly spiked at Leeds Festival, one had a seizure
  • A man was arrested at Reading after reported spikings during Arctic Monkeys
  • A boy, 16, died, as police say he may have taken MDMA pill at Leeds Festival

Two teenage girls were reportedly ‘spiked’ with an injection at Leeds Festival, causing one to have a seizure.

While a man was arrested at Reading Festival after two people were also allegedly spiked with a needle during a performance by headliners Arctic Monkeys.

It follows the tragic death of a 16-year-old boy who is thought to have taken MDMA. He was taken ill on Saturday night at around 10.15pm and died the next day in hospital. 

Police have confirmed they are investigating the alleged incidents at both Reading and Leeds Festival.

At Leeds, one of the girls, who are both aged 17 and unknown to one another, suffered severe seizures in her mum’s car.

On August 27, the victim felt a sharp, throbbing pain in her thigh while in the packed crowd waiting for an act.

She says she turned to see a man withdraw a syringe and disappear into the masses of people.

Soon after, the woman began to feel dizzy and she was taken to the medical tent by her friends. She claims she was told to ‘sleep it off’ so called her mum to pick her up.

But on the way home, she started having a seizure and her mum took her to hospital. She is now recovering at home but says she is worried the needle could have been infected.

In a separate incident, just an hour later, another victim also reported being injected with an unknown substance. The victim was taken to hospital. 

 Two teenage girls at Leeds Festival (pictured) were reportedly spiked in separate incidents, and one had a seizure after the alleged incident

A man was arrested and released after two people reported they had been spiked during Arctic Monkeys’ performance of Reading Festival

At Reading Festival, Thames Valley Police said they received reports of spiking during Arctic Monkeys’ performance and are investigating.

The force confirmed that a man had been arrested in connection with an incident of needle spiking, however they also said he had been released.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: ‘We did make an arrest of a man in connection with an incident of needle spiking, but he was released without charge.’

West Yorkshire Police said they too are investigating reports of spiking, a spokesperson said: ‘Police are investigating after two 17-year-old girls reported being victims of possible needle spiking at Leeds Festival.

‘Both girls received medical attention on site after they reported feeling unwell in separate incidents on Saturday. Crimes have been recorded for both reports and enquiries are ongoing.’

A 16-year-old boy has died yesterday after police suspect he could have taken a ‘grey or black’ ecstasy tablet at Leeds Festival on Saturday night 

A 16-year-old boy has died yesterday after he may have taken a ‘grey or black’ ecstasy tablet at Leeds Festival on Saturday night, police have said. 

West Yorkshire Police have launched an investigation following the teenager’s suspected drugs-related death.

Officers were called around 10.16 on Saturday night and were informed the boy had been taken to the medical tent after falling ill.

He was taken to hospital but tragically died on Sunday. His parents have been told.

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson of West Yorkshire Police, said:

‘Our thoughts are with the family of the boy who has died, and we have officers supporting them at this very difficult time.

‘While the exact cause of his death is yet to be established, one line of enquiry is that he had taken a particular type of ecstasy (MDMA) tablet, which was described as a grey or black oblong shape.

‘At this moment in time this is believed to be an isolated incident as we have not received any similar reports.

‘Users of any drug which is not professionally prescribed can never be sure of their contents and the risks involved with taking the substance.

An estimated 100,000 people attended each day of Leeds Festival this year

‘Anyone who does feel ill after taking any substance should seek urgent medical attention.’

‘We are continuing to conduct enquiries on site and are liaising closely with the event organisers.’ 

Police made an appeal on social media asking for anyone with information linked to the death to come forward. 

Leeds Festival, which has run this year from August 25 to August 28, has been a popular event for teenagers and young adults since it began in 1999. 

An estimated 100,000 people attended each day of Leeds Fest this year. 

Headliners at this year’s festival include US popstar Halsey (Friday night), Streatham-born rapper Dave (Saturday) and the Arctic Monkeys on Sunday.

The Arctic Monkeys, whose frontman Alex Turner is from Sheffield, also performed at Reading – Leeds’ sister festival – on Saturday night.

Reading and Leeds typically share headliners and supporting acts and take place simultaneously in late August every year.

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