Uber drivers and passengers MUST wear face masks next week

Uber drivers and passengers MUST wear face masks next week with cabbies required to submit photos to prove they are following the rules

  • Uber announce drivers and passengers must wear face coverings from Monday
  • Cabbies will submit photos before their shifts to prove they are following rules
  • Measures are in line with government guidelines to prevent coronavirus spread
  • Trips can be cancelled for free if either party does not follow the new rules 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Uber has confirmed that drivers and passengers across the UK must wear face coverings during journeys from Monday, in line with government policy. 

Drivers in London will be required to submit a photograph of themselves to verify they are following the new rule before they can begin working their shift.

Passengers and drivers will be allowed to cancel a trip without financial penalty if the other party is not wearing a face covering.

Uber drivers and passengers must wear face coverings from Monday as new rules were issued

Rides can be cancelled without penalty if driver or passenger are not wearing coverings

Uber’s policy is in line with the Government’s decision to make face coverings mandatory for public transport users in England from Monday.

Drivers will also be asked to confirm they have taken additional safety measures such as regularly sanitising their car and washing their hands.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for northern and eastern Europe, said: ‘For months we’ve been urging people to stay home, for their safety and the safety of drivers who make essential trips.

‘Now, as cities begin to reopen and people start moving again, we’re taking measures to help everyone stay safe and healthy every time they use Uber.

‘We’ve introduced measures to ensure that every driver can access the PPE (personal protective equipment) they need for free to help keep them safe when driving with Uber, and from Monday, we will require anyone using the Uber app in the UK to wear a face covering.’

General manager for northern and eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood, discussed the policy

The requirement for drivers to provide proof they are wearing a face covering could be extended from London to include the whole of the UK, Uber said.

Other safety and hygiene measures introduced by the firm include trialling in-car partition screens in Newcastle, distributing more than two million masks to drivers and couriers, and sending 54,000 units of cleaning spray and hand sanitiser to drivers.

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