UK weather – Britain to be colder than RUSSIA in -4C deep freeze as 45mph storm hits at Bank Holiday, Met Office warns

BRITAIN is set to be colder than Russia over the Bank Holiday, with temperatures reaching -4 as the Met Office warns of a 45mph storm.

Those who were hoping of enjoying a pint in the sun on Monday will have to cancel their plans as the day is expected to be particularly windy with scattered showers across the country.

The temperatures are going to be near freezing on Saturday with rural areas reaching -4 – even colder than St Petersburg which is due to -1C lows.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: “It will be a chilly Bank Holiday weekend.

“Monday looks disappointing, with unusually windy weather and rain sweeping across the country.”

A rather chilly start of the day is expected on Saturday with clouds across the UK.

Temperatures will be low with rural areas reaching between -1 and -4.

The rest of the day will be a mix of sunny spells scattered showers and even hail in the South.

Temperatures are expected to be between 12C and 14C which is lower than average.

The weather is going to be chillier near the coast where temperatures are expected to be 8-10C.

According to the Met Office temperatures at this time of year should range between 13C and 16C.

Similarly to Saturday, Sunday starts with a patchy frost across the UK.

The rest of the day will be very "hit and miss" with a mix of scattered showers that move quickly and sunny spells.

The average temperature will be between 11C and 14C.

The weather worsens though for the Bank Holiday Monday thanks to a band of low pressure from the Atlantic.

"It will be wetter and windier in the West in the morning and in the East in the afternoon," Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said.

He added there will be occasional gales and gusts of 45-50mph, especially in the South West.

The rainy conditions are expected to continue next week and it seems like it will only start to warm up from mid May.

It has been one of the driest Aprils on record as the UK has seen less than a fifth of the average rainfall for the month so far.

Up to April 22, there had been an average of 12.8mm of rain across the UK, much lower than the April average of 72.53mm, according to Met Office figures.

A typical April in the UK would have had 70 per cent of its rainfall by now, but it instead has just had 18 per cent.

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