UK weather forecast: End of March to feel ‘more like winter’ as cold blast hits UK bringing ice and snow over weekend – The Sun

THE last few days of March will "feel more like winter" as a cold blast will hit the UK – bringing ice and snow for parts over the weekend.

The Met Office has forecast icy winds and plunging temperatures as the clocks go forward this weekend to mark the start of British Summer Time.

As the blast of cold air sweeps the UK, it will give way to lower temperatures between tonight and the start of next week.

Parts of England are already seeing the mercury drop below freezing overnight with South Newington in Oxfordshire recording a low of -5.3C between Wednesday and Thursday.

The barrage of snow and sleet is expected to hit Britain this weekend as an arctic stream of freezing air sweeps the nation.

It takes with it the glorious weather where most of the UK was basking in the warm sunshine.

The late end of the week will see temperatures gradually fall until easterly coasts are hit by sleet, hail and potentially snow from a weather system coming in from the North Sea.

As we reach the weekend, frozen air from the Arctic is expected to move outwards across the country.

Single figures temperatures will be felt widely, and "almost anywhere" in the country snow showers will fall.

Night temperatures will drop to -4C in the southern half of the UK.

Clare Nasie, from the Met Office, said: "Yet again we will see a fine day across England and Wales but with subtle changes.

"The winds coming in from a cold north sea, high pressure is built quite strong across northern and central areas of Europe and we are inheriting that air and those conditions.

"So on Thursday, we are likely to see lower temperatures particularly towards the east for Manchester and even Leeds we could see 15 or 16 [degrees]."

The weather will become colder over the weekend as brisk northern winds bring cold air across Britain.

Showers will arrive in the extreme north extending down the eastern part of the UK on Saturday, becoming wintry.

The north of the UK will be cloudy with patchy light rain.

The rain will slowly drift south replaced the sunny days with frosty nights.

This is unfortunate news for the Brits who have been taking advantage of the good weather while in lockdown.

People have been exercising in parks and in public spaces while working from home over the last week.

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