US Rep. Bobby Rush slams Chicago cops who used his office to nap and eat popcorn during looting amid George Floyd unrest – The Sun

US Representative Bobby Rush has slammed Chicago cops who used his office to nap and eat popcorn during looting amid the George Floyd unrest.

Rush revealed on Thursday that the officers were caught slacking off in surveillance camera footage obtained by NBC.

According to the outlet, the rep learned that eight or more officers entered his office after his office was broken into.

"My popcorn, in my microwave while looters were tearing apart businesses within their… reach," Rush reportedly said. "And they did not care what was happening."

Mayor Lori Lightfoot since released the images of the officers and said: "These individuals were lounging a congressman's office, having a little hangout for themselves while small businesses on the South Side were getting looted and burned.

"Not one of these officers will be allowed to hide behind the badge and go on like nothing happened," she said, insisting that the incident will be investigated "thoroughly."

The video was taken at roughly 1am on June 1 and shows at least 13 cops in the office at different times, the outlet reported.

While the footage was taken, the nearby mall and neighborhood were becoming the targets of looting.

"We had 120 officers injured that night that they sat there," First Deputy Supt of the Chicago Police Department Anthony Riccio said.

However, referencing the cops that fled to Rush's office, Chicago Police Supt David Brown said: "I'm not playing with you that I mean what I say when I say we'll hold you accountable.
"Move, get out of the way, but we are going to uphold the nobility of this profession. This conduct is not representative but if it's not let's do something about it.

"If you sleep during a riot what do you do during a regular shift when there's no riot?"

The video emerged as the union boss of Chicago’s police officers has warned any cops who kneel alongside protesters will be kicked out.

John Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), said of cops who kneel with those protesting police brutality and racism: "I don't believe it's the time or place to be doing that."

“If you kneel, you’ll be risking being brought up on charges and thrown out of the lodge,” Catanzara said, according to WFLD.

Catanzara said such a move — to kneel with those who are protesting your actions — is basically an act of treason.

“Specifically this weekend. This was about defunding and abolishing the police officers. And you’re going to take a knee for that? It’s ridiculous,” Catanzara said.

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