Utah woman, 24, dies from coronavirus as five family members fall sick

A 24-year-old Utah woman was killed by a bout of coronavirus that struck five other members of her household, according to a report.

Silvia Deyanira Melendez, who suffered from diabetes, died Saturday at University Hospital in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Her father was the first to come down with the virus two weeks ago — followed by her mother, two brothers and herself, the outlet reported. They all either tested positive or are presumed positive because of their symptoms.

She and her 49-year-old mother, Silvia B. Melendez, were admitted March 20 with severe breathing problems, the outlet reported.

But the younger Melendez, who underwent heart surgery two years ago, was particularly hard-hit by the bug, the report said.

She was sedated and placed on a breathing tube, but her blood pressure continued dropping and she died, the newspaper reported.

“Her oxygen level started getting better, but the last day her heart started beating too fast,” her brother’s girlfriend, Angelica Macias, told the outlet.

The 24-year-old was remembered on a GoFundMe page set up Sunday as “one of the most loving, thoughtful, kind-hearted people.”

“She constantly wanted to make sure the family was united, always positive and optimistic,” the page said.

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