When will BTEC results be released?

STUDENTS have been left in the lurch after BTEC results were pulled just hours before they were set to be released.

Here's everything you need to know.

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When will BTEC results be released?

A date has not yet been confirmed for the release of the new BTEC results.

But exasperated uni bosses are already struggling to cope with the uncertainty surrounding potential students' results.

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders said: "[Pearson] really does need to give an explanation of why this has happened. We feel desperately sorry for the students affected in a year when they have already undergone far too much disruption."

Why are they delayed?

The grades are delayed after BTEC board Person pulled them days before the release date.

It follows the Government's U-turn on Monday that GCSE and A-level students would this year be able to receive grades based on teachers' estimates.

BTEC exam board Person said the decision to delay the grades followed perceived "unfairness"compared with results of those who took A-level and GCSE exams.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Pearson said: "BTEC qualification results have been been generally consistent with teacher and learner expectations, but we have become concerned about unfairness in relation to what are now significantly higher outcomes for GCSE and A-levels."

Some 450,000 pupils were left in the lurch, including 250,000 who received their results last week.

Furious headteachers said the BTEC board's U-turn was "incomprehensible" at this time, while students said they felt "forgotten," reports the BBC.

How have grades been decided?

Exam board Pearson tonight confirmed all BTECs would be regraded to bring them in line with A-levels and GCSE results.

A spokeswoman for Pearson, the provider of BTECs, said: "Following Ofqual's announcement that A-level and GCSE students are to receive centre-assessed grades, we will be applying the same principles for students receiving BTEC results this summer.

"We will be regrading BTECs to address concerns about unfairness in relation to A-levels and GCSEs and ensure no BTEC student is disadvantaged."

She added: "We know this could cause additional uncertainty for students and we are sorry about this.

"Our priority is to ensure fair outcomes for BTEC students and we will work around the clock to provide revised grades as soon as we can."

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