Whinging Ripper moaned about having to wear a nightie and not getting enough kippers behind bars

A WHINGING Yorkshire Ripper complained about having to wear a nightie and not getting enough kippers while behind bars.

Peter Sutcliffe died this morning in hospital aged 74 after refusing any treatment for Covid-19.

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The frail serial killer today became the pandemic's latest victim at precisely 1.10am after his lungs finally collapsed.

Sutcliffe had spent almost 40 years locked up in Broadmoor and prison for murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven others between 1975 and 1980.

After being jailed, numerous bizarre stories emerged regarding Sutcliffe's time banged up – including how he was bulled in jail for being a bed wetter and claiming his victims forgave him after holding a seance in his cell.


Sutcliffe bleated about being handcuffed and having to wear a hospital nightie after collapsing with a bladder problem in September 2018.

He moaned about having to wear a neon suit and being surrounded by medics, guards and cops.

He was taken from HMP Frankland, Durham, to a special unit at Sunderland Royal Infirmary for emergency treatment.

Sutcliffe, who murdered 13 women, moaned to a pal: “I had shackles on all night and had to ask permission to use the toilet.

"Then I was forced to wear a hospital nightie. It was humiliating.”


The serial killer moaned to prison bosses after a worker accidentally ordered him 12 tins of fish not two.

It meant he had £24 deducted from his account instead of £2.40.

A source at Frankland jail, Co Durham, said: “Everyone saw the funny side except Sutcliffe.

"He was spitting feathers that someone had mucked up his order and was ranting about people being idiots.

“He kept saying he was short of cash to buy Christmas cards and phone calls.

"The staff and inmates who’ve heard about it are calling him The Yorkshire Kipper.”


Sutcliffe was “besotted” with a 17-year-old Polish penpal in May 2018.

He spoke to the teenager named Victoria on the phone and hoped she would eventually travel to the UK and visit him in jail.

She also sent him chocolates, but wardens confiscated them.

A source said: “He talks about her all the time, as if he is besotted.

"Some of the lads in there are a bit jealous.

"But others have spoken about how inappropriate it is that he is allowed to speak to her and swap letters."


Sutcliffe was allowed to paint disturbing pictures in Broadmoor Hospital — including one showing him inside the car he used at the start of his killing spree.

His chilling artwork depicts a bearded man in a lime-green Ford Capri as it approaches a woman in a deserted street.

Sutcliffe drove a similar car when he killed his first two victims — Wilma McCann in October 1975 and Emily Jackson the following January.

A second painting shows a Christ-like crucifixion scene and features a man who bears a striking resemblance to Sutcliffe nailed to a cross.


Sutcliffe was furious when his watch was stolen while he had treatment to save his eyesight.

His fake Rolex was taken from a cell in the prison infirmary while he was taken to an NHS hospital for treatment.

The killer complained to bosses at HMP Frankland, Co Durham, demanding compensation.

He told a pal: “They had let two other prisoners, who were in for treatment, use my cell in the infirmary.

"So one of those b******s must have stolen the watch. It’s so selfish.”


Sutcliffe claimed his victims had forgiven him after he held a seance in his cell.

He boasted to fellow lags that the butchered women spoke to him from the spirit world and told him he was "mad, not bad".

Prison sources said that during the seance Sutcliffe went into a trance and began to contact each of his victims.

He asked: “Do you accept that I was mentally ill when I murdered you?”

In another voice Sutcliffe then said: “Yes, I do.”


In 2016, Sutcliffe called a brothel from his jail.

The serial killer – whose victims included sex workers – was trying to contact his niece using a number on an approved list.

He told a friend: “I kept getting this lady talking sexy. I realised it was a brothel.

“She told me, ‘This is our number, darling, and we accommodate anything you need’.’

"I said, ‘No, that’s my niece’s number and told the woman her name.

“She said, ‘Sorry, she’s not one of our girls,’ and I laughed and said, ‘I should flipping well hope not!’ ”


Sutcliffe was bullied in jail because he wet the bed.

He reportedly wore adult nappies and blamed his incontinence on his move from Broodmoor Hospital to Frankland Prison.

The bed wetting led to abuse from his fellow prisoners and Sutcliffe rarely left his cell due to fears he would be attacked.

Sutcliffe was transferred after a tribunal ruled he was no longer mentally ill.


In June, he celebrated his birthday by eating a trifle in his cell.

Serial killer Sutcliffe enjoyed the treat with drinks including ginger beer and cream soda bought by lag pals.

At first he moaned he did not receive any cards on his birthday – but then 25 arrived later.

His serial rapist jail “buddy” made him the trifle with ingredients bought from the canteen.


He whined about only being allowed out of his cell for five minutes a day amid the coronavirus crisis.

The serial killer had an op to reduce the size of his prostate postponed as the NHS fights the epidemic.

Sutcliffe bleated to a pal: “The restrictions placed on us are too much and over the top.

“It is lockdown all the time except for five minutes when I can make one phonecall.

“But it will take me four weeks to ring all my friends as I’m only allowed to call one person per day. It’s ridiculous.

“I’ve been so bored I even watched Ant and Dec’s takeaway on TV which was a bit lame.”


Last year, Sutcliffe “dumped” an American cheerleader he once called his “darling gal”.

Penpal Krystal Smith, 28, swapped flirty letters with the killer.

But the lifer eventually told her to “move on”.

He warned her from tough Frankland jail, Co Durham, that she was “in too deep” – but promised they could stay friends.

Sutcliffe called Krystal “darling gal” adding: “If I could rewrite the alphabet I’d put U and I together.”

But the fiend later wrote to Krystal to end their “romance” and told her she should meet a man nearer her own age.


Sutcliffe was left in a strop in May 2019 because he could no longer watch the Horror Channel.

The daily showing of 18 slasher movies and serial killer flicks had been a popular Freeview channel at Durham’s Frankland prison.

Inmates get to vote on which channels to watch and decided to swap it for another movie channel.

The move was backed by most prisoners who voted but triggered an outcry among others at the category A prison.

Some moaned that they are being treated like children for not being able to watch the adult-rated horror flicks any more.

Sutcliffe said: “They’ve taken off the horror channel and swapped it for another film channel. They changed it because somebody complained that it was showing movies for over 18s.

“But we are all adults here, we are men of the world. It’s stupid.”


Sutcliffe moaned about being unable to watch a documentary on his crimes – because lags at his jail don’t have access to BBC4.

He also bleated that the mini-series was “biased” – and slammed the channel for “bringing stuff up from years ago”.

BBC three-parter The Yorkshire Ripper Files, which millions watched, probed the bungled police investigation into Sutcliffe’s horrendous crime spree between 1975 and 1980.

It also featured surviving victims of attacks, like Tracy Browne who was 14 when Sutcliffe attacked her from behind with a hammer in August 1975 – two months before he killed first victim Wilma McCann.

But remorseless Sutcliffe told a prison pal: “I didn’t see it because we’ve had our channels cut and we don’t get that BBC4.

“But I’ve been told all about it and how one-sided and biased it was."


June 1946: Peter Sutcliffe is born in Bingley, West Yorks

August 1974: Sutcliffe marries Sonia Szurma

October 1975: Sutcliffe kills Wilma McCann in Leeds – his first murder.

January 1981: Sutcliffe is arrested by police in Sheffield. He confesses to being The Ripper.

May 1981: He is given 20 life sentences at The Old Bailey over 13 murders and seven attempted murders. He starts sentence at HMP Parkhurst, Isle of Wight.

March 1984: Sent to Broadmoor High-security Hospital after being declared paranoid schizophrenic

August 2016: Sutcliffe moved from Broadmoor to Category A Frankland Prison, County Durham

November 13, 2020 – Sutcliffe dies.


Sutcliffe had a cancer scan in jail in February 2019, and called the health service "useless" for not giving him the results immediately.

It was carried out after Sutcliffe told other lags one of his testicles was five times its normal size following treatment for a bladder infection.

He then bleated over the “delay” in getting the results.

A source at tough HMP Frankland jail in County Durham said at the time: “Sutcliffe was told he had to have the scan for testicular cancer.

“He was treated swiftly but now he’s moaning about it. He’s also really worried.”

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