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DISGRACED movie director Harvey Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault in 2020.

His newest accuser Hayley Gripp claims she ‘stabbed his genitals with her broken nail while fighting him off,' it was reported March 27, 2021.

Who are Harvey Weinstein's children?

Harvey married his first wife Eve Chilton in 1987 and together they had three daughters; Lily (also known as Remy), Emma and Ruth.

After their divorce in 2004, Weinstein met Georgina Chapman when three years later they married and had two kids; India Pearl and Dashiell.

Chapman left Weinstein after the allegations surfaced in 2017.

Remy Weinstein

Remy is Harvey and Eve's first daughter and was born in 1995.

The 25-year-old has mostly kept out of the spotlight up until allegations of her father's sexual abuse were uncovered.

It was Remy that called the Los Angeles Police Department in 2017 to say that Weinstein was "suicidal and depressed" amid the accusations.

Page Six reported that then 22-year-old had a change of heart and told officers he was not at risk of self-harm after Weinstein came back to her home.

Emma Weinstein

Emma is the second of Harvey and Eve's children. She was born in 1998.

Ruth Weinstein

Ruth is the youngest of Harvey and Eve's daughters and was born in 2002. Both Ruth and Emma have kept out of the spotlight.

India Pearl Weinstein

India Pearl is the first child of English fashion designer Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein. She was born three years after Weinstein married Chapman in 2010.

Dashiell Weinstein

Dashiell is the movie producer's only son and was born in 2013.

Are Harvey Weinstein's children speaking to him?

According to reports last year, Weinstein's three eldest daughters have disowned the convicted rapist and he may lose contact with his two younger kids.

Weinstein's defense lawyer Donna Rotunno admitted that his three eldest children had cut contact with him after the #MeToo trial had begun.

She said: "His oldest daughter's don't speak to him. So I mean it's horrific. The ripple effect of someone losing their freedom is beyond what any of us could comprehend."

Although Rotunno was keen to emphasise the good relationship the disgraced movie mogul has with his two youngest children with Georgina Chapman.

She said: "He's been seeing the younger kids their whole lives. They live next door to each other, he has a great relationship with his younger children.

Ms. Rotunno claimed this week that India and Dashiell "rely" on their father, who will be staying at the notorious New York jail on Rikers Island until his sentencing on March 11.

"The thought of his two young children who rely on him on a daily basis. This is not a joke… this is real life," said his lawyer.

She added of Georgina's relationship with Weinstein: "They're divorced but they work well together with the kids."

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