Who is Bill and Melinda Gates' son Rory?

BILL and Melinda Gates' three children are going through a challenging time after their billionaire parents announced their divorce.

Their only son Rory has "inherited his parents’ obsessive love of puzzles" and is a 'feminist', says his proud mother.

Who is Rory Gates?

Rory Gates, 21, is the only son of Melinda and Bill Gates.

Born in May 1999 in Seattle, Washington, he is reportedly "notoriously private for good reason", writes Gossip Cop.

The second child of Bill and Melinda, Rory has two sisters – Phoebe, aged 18, and Jennifer, 25.

Their proud mother has described her son as a 'feminist'.

Marking his 18th birthday in 2017, Melinda wrote on Instagram: “When my son Rory was born, I spent a lot of time imagining what this little person would be like and who he would be as he grew up.

"Now, as we near his 18th birthday, I have my answer. Rory is compassionate and curious.

"He’s a great son and a caring brother. He’s inherited his parents’ obsessive love of puzzles.

"And one of the things that makes me proudest: Rory is a feminist.

"As he goes out into the world, I feel more optimistic than ever about the future his generation will build."

Like his dad, Rory attended Lakeside High School, an independent, coeducational day school for grades 5-12 in Seattle.

Rory is understood to have graduated from university, and is possibly currently pursuing an MBA degree.

Two universities have been mentioned in media reports about him, including Duke University – where Melinda spent "some of the best years of my life" earning two degrees, in computer science and economics.

There are online stories claiming that Rory will end up in a position of power at Microsoft in future – but these are just unsubstantiated rumors.

What is Rory Gates' net worth?

Rory Gates certainly isn't poor, with his net worth estimated at around $20million, according to several websites.

But, his dad has stressed that each of his kids will get just a small slice of his multi-billion-dollar wealth.

In the 30 years from 1987 to 2016, Bill and Melinda Gates amassed about $120billion, reported The Conversation in 2018.

Bill, the world's fourth-richest man, has spoken in the past about how each of his three children would only inherit about $10million of his massive fortune.

During a Reddit Q&A session in 2013, when asked whether it was true he would give Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe $10million each, Bill confirmed that this amount was for their benefit.

"I definitely think leaving kids massive amounts of money is not a favor to them," he said.

Rory and his sisters each have a trust fund set up for them, with the bulk of their dad's money reportedly left to charity.

Who is Rory Gates dating?

Heavy reports that "Rory Gates, like his younger sister, stays out of the spotlight.

"He has kept his Instagram page private, and he does not talk to media outlets about his personal life."

Thus it's not clear who he is currently dating.

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