Wild pics have UFO fans convinced the MOTHERSHIP was seen hovering over LA

THESE wild pics show what UFO fans claim is an alien mothership in the skies above LA.

The images were taken on a freeway in Southern California and show a glowing disk hovering in the early evening sky.

An eyewitness shot these photos last Saturday on Highway 101 just outside of Thousand Oaks as she was approaching Westlake Village around sunset, TMZ reports.

The woman was apparently on her phone when she saw the disk hovering in the sky and fired off three pictures as quickly as she could.

It was flying in the same direction she was heading and reportedly had group of lights trailing behind it

The object appears change positions tilting slightly and moving to a new spot in the sky before it apparently vanished into thin air.

TMZ says it has run the pictures past its own photoshop expert who carried out tests and concluded they’re not fakes.

The California sighting comes after lights spotted over North Carolina sparked UFO conspiracies.

The weird bright dots were spotted over the town of Charlotte.

The Charlotte Observer reported: "Multiple people have reported seeing an odd string of lights at night near Charlotte, igniting talk of UFOs on social media."

A resident called Whitney Doucet posted her image of the lights on Facebook after noticing that other people were talking about them too.

The mysterious glowing blobs were seen floating over the state's Indian Trail community.

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