Will the Menendez brothers ever get out of prison?

THE Menendez brothers have been sitting in a California prison since 1996.

The duo were convicted of killing their parents at their Beverly Hills home in 1989.

Will the Menendez brothers ever get out of prison?

The Menendez brothers will never be released from the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California.

They are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole over the fatal shootings of their parents Jose and Mary Louise “Kitty” Menendez.

Lyle, 50, and Erik Menendez, 47, spent much of their sentences held in different prisons in California.

Lyle had been held at Mule Creek State Prison in Northern California but made a request to transfer to the Richard J. Donovan facility to be closer to his brother.

The request was approved by the prison board and he was transferred to the facility.

However, Lyle requested to be housed with Erik, and in April of 2018 was moved into the same unit as his brother.

Why did the Menendez brothers kill their parents?

The Menendez brothers claimed to have killed Jose and Kitty after being subjected to years of abuse by their father.

The brothers claimed the fatal shooting was a form of "imperfect self-defense," according to The New York Times.

Lyle was 21 and Erik was 18 at the time of the fatal shootings.

Decades after the double murder, Lyle expressed regret over his parent’s deaths. 

He told ABC News: “If I could take my consciousness now and go back, I would have gone to the police and taken my chances in exposing what was happening.” 

Erik expressed similar sentiments to People, saying: “The way I reacted was so destructive to all. It was the most awful devastation. I killed the two people I loved the most.”

Why are the Menendez brothers on TikTok?

Lyle and Erik’s case has reemerged on social media after a legion of TikTokers made them go viral in videos.

18-year-old Janne from Germany became an advocate for the Menendez brothers after watching a YouTube video regarding their trial.

She now posts videos of their sexual-abuse testimony with sad music on her TikTok profile, which has garnered over 45,000 followers. 

In addition, various other accounts have been created for the same purpose, with usernames including “MenendezHelper” and “MenendezGuardians” posting edited trial footage of the men. 

Some also are demanding justice while also branding them as “the most attractive murderers” in the world.

Instagram accounts have also been created for Lyle and Erik advocating for their release.

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