Wokest school in the UK? Ofsted probe £32k-a-year London school

Is this the wokest school in the UK? Ofsted probe £32k-a-year London school after parents complain their children are ‘being brainwashed’ with lessons on critical race theory and white male privilege

  • Ofsted is inspecting the American School in London (ASL) amid ‘woke’ agenda
  • Parents complained pupils were being taught about white and male privilege
  • Classes in each subject are allegedly taught ‘through a prism of race or gender’
  • ASL’s headteacher resigned last month in order to ‘focus on her own wellbeing’

Inspectors have been sent into Britain’s most expensive day school following complaints about a ‘woke’ agenda, it can be revealed today. 

The two-day Ofsted inspection is under way at the American School in London (ASL) after parents complained to the Department for Education (DfE) about the school’s teaching of race relations. 

Parents also raised their concerns with the £32,650-a-year school, saying their children were being ‘indoctrinated’ in the ‘controversial and divisive’ ideology of critical race theory. 

They said classes in every subject were taught ‘through a prism of race or gender’, involving the ideas of white and male privilege. 

ASL, whose pupils are aged four to 18, has said it is ‘committed to building and sustaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive school community’. 

One of the two controversies at the American School in London involves long-standing complaints by parents about an ultra-‘woke’ teaching agenda she chose to introduce some 18 months ago

The Daily Mail understands the DfE asked Ofsted to inspect the school, near Regent’s Park in central London, after parents raised concerns and following reports in this newspaper. 

In the 19-page complaint submitted to the DfE, parents claimed the school’s teaching of race relations ‘has already become so extreme as to amount to a serious, systemic and ongoing breach of the Independent School Standards’. 

They claimed some teaching breached the Equality Act. 

A Government source said: ‘Reports in the Mail about the school alarmed ministers and we are determined to get to the bottom of what was going on there.’ 

As head teacher of Britain’s most expensive day school, Robin Appleby (pictured) enjoyed a pay packet to rival those of the turbo-charged bankers, sports stars and celebrities whose ultra-privileged children she educates

One ASL parent told the Mail: ‘The Ofsted investigation has been welcomed by parents who are deeply concerned about the school’s “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” programme, which many regard as teaching racial hatred and division.’ 

ASL’s headteacher Robin Appleby – who introduced the new teaching agenda – resigned last month, saying she wanted to ‘focus on her own wellbeing’. 

A spokesman for the school said: ‘We will be assisting Ofsted as they conduct what is a standard inspection of our school.’

Court rejects gender-neutral passports

Christie Elan-Cane has campaigned for more than 25 years on recognition for non-gendered identity

The Supreme Court has rejected a campaigner’s demand for a gender-neutral option on passports. 

Christie Elan-Cane, who has campaigned for more than 25 years on recognition for non-gendered identity, said the application process breaches human rights laws by not allowing an ‘X’ option. 

But yesterday the court, in unanimously dismissing the appeal, said applicants’ gender was ‘a biographical detail which can be used to confirm their identity’. 

Elan-Cane said the case will go to the European Court of Human Rights, adding: ‘The UK is on the wrong side of history.’ 

Gender-neutral passports are issued by Argentina, Australia, the US, Denmark, India, Nepal, New Zealand and Pakistan among others. 

Lord Reid said the case for an ‘X’ option was ‘outweighed’ by the need to maintain ‘a coherent approach across government’ as to what genders are recognised.

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