Woman furious after snobby resident leave note on windscreen telling her £12,000 Skoda 'makes street look like Beirut'

A FURIOUS woman has slammed a snobby neighbour who left a note on her windscreen saying her £12,000 Skoda "makes the street look like Beirut".

Julia Laursen was told her blue hatchback brought down their “respectable” neighbourhood in Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

The 56-year-old was told to take her £12,000 Skoda Fabia motor somewhere more appropriate – like the “dump".

But the Feng Shui coach hit back and urged her friends to descend on the road to annoy the residents.

She hit out and homeowners in the posh, beachside street for driving £60,000 Range Rovers.

Julia was stunned when she saw the note that read: “I hope you don’t mind, but would you kindly not park your vehicle on this road please?

“This is a nice respectable road and it now looks like Beirut.

“We don’t drive such vehicles so perhaps you could in future park it somewhere more appropriate.

“Like the dump! Thanks. The Littlestairs Road Management.”


Fuming Julia posted a snap of it on Facebook and ranted: “What the f**k!

“Because my car isn't a show off Range Rover or some other 4×4 for popping the kids to and from school.

“Call all my island friends with slightly rougher, but much loved looking vehicles.

“Pop over to Littlestairs Road in Shanklin and give these t*****s a taste of what Beirut might look like.”

Julia’s post went viral and she was backed by locals.

Vix Lowthion said: “Wow, just wow.”

Baffled Hayley Ballard added: “Is that for real?”

James Hymers said: “Just ignore it.”

Rakhee Shah added: “I think you should keep parking there, install a dash cam to see who keeps coming to put a note

“Alternatively, can the residents maybe pay for new ‘worthy’ car for you instead?”

Francesca Abalasei said: “This has made my day Julia.

“It is extremely funny but so sad to see the sort of privilege the people that wrote this came from.”

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