Woman seeks to revive tossed suit over $30K wine-stained Hermès bag

The woman who attempted to sue a New Jersey country club because her $30,000 Hermès bag got wine spilled on it is now asking a judge to revive her case after it was tossed last month, according to a report.

Maryana Beyder sued the Alpine Country Club in October, claiming that a server stained her pricey pink purse while she was dining at the posh Demarest establishment in September 2017.

But, on July 24, Beyder’s suit was dismissed by a Bergen County Superior Court judge after a lawyer for the club claimed she and her husband didn’t show up for depositions despite subpoenas and hadn’t turned over documents that the club was seeking, according to Northjersey.com.

Now, Beyder wants to reinstate the case — since the judge allowed for the possibility by dismissing it “without prejudice,” the outlet reported.

In asking to revive her case, Beyder’s lawyer, Alexandra Errico, argued that Beyder did in fact respond to the club’s demands, having sent expert reports, relevant emails and other information, according to Northjersey.com.

The club — whose lawyer previously claimed the bag was a fake — said in a statement that Beyder still hasn’t turned over any evidence about when and where she bought the bag and how much it cost.

“Since the incident occurred, Alpine Country Club has always desired to resolve what should have been a private dispute in a reasonable and satisfactory manner,” the statement continued.

“When a person claims her bag, allegedly worth $30,000, has been destroyed, reasonable people would expect the allegedly aggrieved party to be able to provide the information and documents requested.”

Beyder’s lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment.

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