Woman shares genius organization tips using bargains from the dollar store

A WOMAN shared genius organization tips using bargains from the dollar store.

The items can all be found at the Dollar Tree – meaning you can still tidy up your home on a budget.

The dollar-saving deals were shared in a YouTube video by Kallie Branciforte, who runs the channel But First, Coffee.

First, she revealed how to make an organizer for papers or mail using napkin holders.

"Zip tie each end then cut off the excess zip tie," she said.

She showed how the holders made the perfect organizer for stashing papers.

Next, she showed how to use garden hangers as "S-hooks" to hang odds and ends in the home.

"You can literally hang so much with S-hooks, they're super versatile," she said as she showed a range of items – from brooms to scarves, and more hung on poles and hooks to create organizers.

Next, Branciforte revealed how she uses pouch organizers with magnets on the back – likely used on whiteboards by teachers – to store things on her fridge.

She suggested using them for everything from papers and cards to spicke packets and tea bags.

The YouTuber suggested using larger pocket pouches without magnets to store jewelry – and said it makes traveling a breeze.

She then showed adhesive hooks – which she dubbed "Dollar Tree's version of Command hooks."

Branciforte revealed she uses hooks to hang pot holders on the side of her oven, on the side of food containers to stash measuring cups in her kitchen, and upside down on the inside of cabinets during the holidays to hang wreaths.

She also advised hanging two hooks on opposite sides of the trash can – upside down – to hook the liners on and prevent them from falling.

The organization expert then revealed what she said is "one of my favorite and most used Dollar Tree storage items."

She showed off drawer organizers – plastic ones that she said come in three-packs, and wire ones that come as singles.

Branciforte uses them in her bathroom to store things like nail polish, toothpaste and more; and in her daughter's nursery for pacifiers.

She said she uses the removable hooks and hangs the wire baskets inside cabinet doors to add more storage and maximize space.

The YouTuber then recommended using clothes pins with adhesive hook stickers to hang mittens and coats and let them dry, and in her pantry to store bills or important recepits.

Branciforte then showed how she uses wire baskets, plastic storage bins, shelf risers, and labels to organize her pantry.

"Another one of my favorite Dollar Tree storage products is their locker bins," she revealed.

She showed how she stashes them above the wardrobe in her daughter's nursery to maximize space and keep items tidy.

The thrifty mom then showed how you can "upcycle" bins with contact paper to make them look high-end.

She then showed off over-the-door hooks, and how they can add extra space to hang thing.

The store also sells six-hook organizers.

She showed how she combined two together to make a mega-over-the-door storage solution.

"These are all ones I'm literally using around my house right now, as we speak," she said of the organization hacks.

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