Woman swipes Cheesecake Factory treat during Seattle protests

Some looters steal electronics, others swipe clothes – but a woman caught calmly walking off with a cake from the Cheesecake Factory on a service tray has the internet in stitches.

A KIRO-TV news crew recorded video of the incongruous scene amid riots in Seattle following protests over the death of George Floyd.

Making the masked woman’s takeout treat even more comical was that she appeared to be carrying a wine glass and a champagne flute.

“Obviously I’m totally opposed to the destruction of private property and looting. But girl — go get yourself a damn cheesecake. #CheesecakeFactory #LootCrew,” @USMCLiberal tweeted in response to the viral video.

Twitter user @JaVonniBrustow wrote: “They really looted the Cheesecake Factory in Seattle and went walking down the street with cake out in the open on a sheet lmao.”

“When I thought I’ve seen it all,” said @yuhgirlpassion.

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