Young boy among three killed after plane crashes into car on Florida street leaving his mom fighting for life

A YOUNG boy is among three dead after a small plane crashed into a car in a South Florida neighbourhood, while his mother remains in a critical condition.

The shocking smash, caught on a Ring doorbell, occurred shortly after the plane had taken off from the North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines.

Unbelievable footage shows the moment the Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft crashed onto a local street, before erupting into a fiery blaze after skidding into a passing car.

The pilot and passenger were killed immediately in the unprecedented collision, while a mother and her young son were left trapped inside their SUV.

Surveillance video shows the vehicle driving down a street near the airport when a plane suddenly nosedives and crashes into the moving car, leaving behind it a ball of fire as the plane skids to a stop.

The unidentified woman was reportedly able to pull herself from the wreckage, while the boy was rescued by the police and fire service.

The pair were then transported to Hollywood's Memorial Regional Hospital in a serious condition. There have been no further updates on the female's condition.

The youngster later died from his injuries, the fire department announced

The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the cause of the crash, which killed three, although it is suspected the plane may have clipped a power line.

Pembroke Pines Fire Chief, Marcel Rodriguez, said a mechanical problem may have caused the aircraft to nudge the cable and send it off course, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration said the plane was forced to do an about-face back towards North Perry Airport shortly after takeoff at about 3pm Monday.

"We heard like a bomb, like a tremendous noise and everything was on fire and it dived into a car," said Anabel Fernandez, whose doorbell caught the video.

"I live right here. I walk with my babies every day," she told CBS." The plane could have got us all. I am in shock."

She told how the woman in the vehicle was able to escape, and was tragically screaming: "My baby!"

Saleh Elshaer called 911 after hearing the crash down the block.

"All I see is like some large black smoke and like a huge fire coming right there from a fence," he said, before realizing it was a plane crash.

The plane took out a row of power lines on its way down, leading to service outages in the area.

It then caught on fire as it leaked fuel onto SW 72 Avenue between SW 11 and SW 15 Sts.

News helicopter footage taken from the scene shows firefighters spraying foam on the plane's wreckage.

No identities have yet been released regarding the crash victims.

There have been five crashes in the area – four of which were fatal – in the last year alone, according to WSVN-TV.

Local Luis Alvarez said: "It’s a concern now. After this year, there’s been a lot of plane crashes.

"It’s pretty devastating, especially what happened to those people out there. It’s pretty sad."

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